Sunday, January 21, 2007

This is getting bad . . .

Not much to get all rah-rah about this afternoon.

The Broncos host Calgary in three and a half hours and I wonder how many players the team will ice tonight. Safe to say this seven games in ten night stretch in KILLING the Broncos.

Don't expect Levi Nelson to play tonight. The league is now in the process of reviewing last night's knee-on-knee hit delivered on Dustin Kohn. I'm not an expert and I'm not Richard Doerksen (WHL suspension man) but Levi will be suspended anywhere from one to three games. My guess would be two but we'll find out in an hour or two.

Jeremy Schenderling probably won't play tonight because of a bad back. Kyle Bortis remains out with that ankle injury, Spencer McAvoy is a ?, and so is R.J. Larochelle after blocking a shot in the wrong spot Friday night in Moose Jaw.

Last night in Brandon, not only did the Broncos get outplayed for the majority of the game, they didn't get any breaks, didn't get much help from referee Derek Herman and fatigue caught up to this team in the 3rd period.

They might have outchanced Brandon in the 1st period only to be down 2-0. Levi Nelson scored on a great passing play in front . . . but into his own goal. I've seen the replay 10 times now and I still can't figure that one out.

The Danny Rakos parade to the penalty box continued with two more minors away from the play. He's not getting it. Sit him down? Can't. Why? They can't go into a game with 16 skaters.

Tyler Plante did play well in the Brandon goal and didn't give up the token soft one we've seen from him over the years.

Have you checked the standings lately? The Broncos still sit in 2nd spot in the division but are now only 8 points up on a playoff spot after Saskatoon won last night over Calgary 3-2. In fact 2nd to 6th is only an 11 point gap. Can you hear the footsteps yet?

Thank god for home ice tonight. The Broncos have won seven of eight on home ice but will need to come up big to beat a po'ed Calgary team after what happened last Sunday in the Saddledome.

See you tonight, 7pm face-off. We're on the air at 6:30pm on the Eagle 94.1 FM.



Joel said...

You nailed it on Rakos. With injuries what else can we do. Wouldn't mind if he was a healthy scratch at some point if his play continues. But I still gotta keep the faith. Lets go Broncos

ernie said...

Jonny, what is this? You don't sound very optimistic....I was thinking we could beat them. We'll see, I guess. I dunno. Whatever happens, happens. I remain confident.

kevin said...

can you hear the pats coming into your kitchen and stealing a playoff spot from the swift current broncos, how have over achieved all season.go patties

ernie said...

Yeah, we can hear them coming, and tonight, have responded very well. Down 3-0 in the game, it's not a surprise for Bronco fans anymore, to see their team come up and tie the game with three PP goals, and then go on and pick up the amazing shootout victory. The Broncos have done this more than five or six times this season, including last week on the same team, the Calgary Hitmen. Great effort! Even though half our team is either scratched, or out with injury, the guys played like crazy, and worked for every single point they got. Good way to bounce back, and we're ready for the Pats!
LOL Jon, what do you mean man? Nothing to get rah-rah about??!!? I remain optimistic Jonny, and you should too, especially with this Bronco team. Cya on Wednesday, Jon!