Friday, January 26, 2007


Shutout on home ice. (Thanks Dustin for catching the mistake,it was the 2nd time this season)

The Spokane Chiefs came in and played a solid road game limiting the Broncos chances while making the most out of theirs in a 3-0 win.

The Chiefs did a good job of limiting the time and space of the Bronco puck carrier and made it difficult all night long. When the Broncos did create opportunities, goaltender Kevin Armstong was there to make a big save - 19 in all for the shutout.

Spokane's Michael Grabner is the real deal. I haven't seen him since he was drafted in the 1st round by Vancouver this summer. I remember being at the draft and hearing Dave Nonis step up the podium and say "the Vancouver Canucks select, from the Spokane Chiefs of the Western Hockey League, Michael Grabner." There was a hush that came across the crowd and the flock of Vancouver media. No one expected him to go that high, but that's who the Canucks wanted and it looks like it will be a good choice. He had a goal and one assist and was the best forward on the ice.

To make matters worse for the Broncos, both Regina and Prince Albert won to tighten up the east division race even more. Prince Albert can be in sole possession of 2nd by the end of the night provided they can beat Vancouver. Regina is now only two points back after a 6-4 win over Moose Jaw.

The Broncos have a rare Saturday night off after a full practice today. Moose Jaw is here tomorrow night to wrap up the weekend.

Good job by the organizers of the "Field of Dreams" Sportsmans Dinner. Tonight is a great night to host this event featuring Nancy Harvey and Scott Schultz. The event is sold out and will be a big fundraiser for the Mitchell Field lights project. Parceled right between a pair of Bronco home games, this is a super sports weekend in the city. The event will be emceed by Ryan Switzer which might be worth the price of the ticket there! I'll see you all there in a few hours.

To close, here's a comment left from the p.o.'ed Booster paper guy yesterday. I edited it a bit when he/she starts to tie into the players but it went like this . . .

"you are the play by play announcer of a whl hockey team...look in the dictionary under dream job and i can guarantee you your job will not come up. oh boy another 10 bus ride to brandon with a bunch of immature teenagers...sign me up!"

Hey, I love this job! Actually since I was in grade 9 this was my "dream job". At a young age, I used to volunteer at the local rink doing PA announcing for the minor and senior hockey games. I was never good enough to play in the WHL so I thought why not try another route? I went to radio college with the sole reason of doing sports pbp. They say it takes forever to break into the WHL as a young announcer, but four years into radio there I was.

And the bus rides all over western Canada? Love them. Imagine going on a road trip with 25 friends every weekend. You get a chance to see 20 other great cities from Seattle to Vancouver to Prince George and yes even Brandon! The people you meet the friends you get to visit, it's better than I imagined actually. So yes as you put it "sign me up!"

This website had a record number of hits the last two days so it goes to show you everyone loves a little controversy! Thanks for making this blog part of your daily routine.

Have a great weekend,


ernie said...

I usually post my thoughts on the Broncos. Whoever reads this blog and isn't famaliar with, here's a link to copy into your browser bar for my thoughts on last night's game....if my two cents' worth is missed by anybody: LOL LOL

Dustin said...

I thought we got blanked by the Silvertips earlier in the season

Anonymous said...

Wow man, way to take it easy on the Booster writer. The Jon I thought I knew would've tee'd off on that guy in a huge way!

Nice to see you mellowing out in your old-age!

All the best Jon and congrats on the RTNDA nod. Well deserved.

Kim Johnston
Medicine Hat

Joel said...

Wow someone from the booster writes that. Pretty stupid. Many people would take your job in a heartbeat. Funny thing is not many could do it with class. Thats the difference. No one can say youre a "homer" type play by play person. I can almost guarantee the person from the booster could not do your job with the same dedication and professionalism. Guaranteed. His/her comments just proved that. Keep up the great work and see you at the rink. The guys will bounce back from this. This is when they need the fan support more than ever. So everyone get to the rink on Sunday and be LOUD AND PROUD.

Anonymous said...

What up Keener? I've told you on numerous occasions I read your blog daily-including on my vacation time in Cancun, Mexico last week. When I see you you're always telling me to post a comment, so I figured why not today. First off have to say I love the ongoing feud with the paper guys,it so cracks me. Ahh good ole Swifty! Just don't go there with Carol Andrews hair now! Keep up the fantastic work, as you truly do a phenomenal job. We always tune into you and Switz via channel 834 on Sasktel Max on game nights. Go Broncos Go! Cya in Regina next Saturday!

pat from regina said...

Don't worry about that idiot Keener. Some people would rather write about the news 3-4 days after the fact. he is probably just bitter that he can't get a job with Saskatchewans finest, of course the LEADER POST! Ha Ha Ha.

ernie said...

Yes Dustin, I stand corrected...the Silvertips shut us out at the Civ. Centre 6-0 earlier this year. Thanks for correcting. Pat from Regina, in my opinion, even the Booster is finer than the Leader Post. That paper sucks royally! ESPECIALLY Vanstone! Oooooh, I can't stand him!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the booster boy isn't in his "dream job". SO THEN QUIT!!

Childish, loser!

I for one won't be spending my business's advertising money with them anymore

ointhecreek said...

The Booster deserves to be dissed, they are always way behind in their news and sports, even for a weekly paper.