Wednesday, January 31, 2007


It's a re-occurring bad dream at the CC tonight . . . 6-1 final. The Broncos have given up 25 goals in their last four home games and the skid continues. At least there was a mini line brawl to take the attention off the result.

Full recap tomorrow morning, for now I'm off to bed. Long day tomorrow that finishes off in Brandon as the team heads up a night early.

When will this end?

Have a good night, check back in the morning.


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Joel said...

After sleeping on it, I still don't know when this will end. The boys played better hockey last night. In the first the totally outplayed the Rebels but still came up short. The answer to their problems is still up for debate. At least the guys did not roll over and play dead when the were down on the scoreboard. The did not let the Rebels intimedate them. They showed alot more heart.