Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Deadline Update

So, there's an internet rumor flying around about a player swap with Brandon. Disregard it for now. A reliable source has told me there has been nothing in the works with the Wheaties. Although the trade seems to be believable on paper, the flames are not being fanned on this end.

Also, here's something. Lethbridge Hurricanes colorman Dustin Nielsen is reporting the Hurricanes have sent 20 year-old Brad Werenka to the AJHL. Lethbridge now has a vacant 20 year old spot. What do you think that means?

To quote Kelowna Rockets General Manager Bruce Hamilton "trade deadline time is a like a week long liars convention"

More later as it happens,


Joel said...

Yeah Deans gonna trade one of our best D-men and one of our top forwards both of which are leaders in the dressing room for Erb and Clark. NOT A CHANCE. Dean smarter than to pull off a trade with someone we are trying to catch. Did not believe it for a second. But with the move by Lethbridge now that I can see.

ernie said...

I know you're wondering Jon....why isn't Big Ern adding his half-a-cent?? LOL LOL LOL (JUST KIDDING)
Anyway, I'm a person who likes to sit back and watch, and then comment...about ONE WEEK after the deadline. I do it the fun way, sitting back in my computer seat and laughing my head off, as I watch the rumors fly around! Hahahaha! (If only I had high-speed internet already! I'm getting it installed on Saturday...can't wait to watch the Broncos via webcast...my subscription is paid already!)
Anyhow...back to trades....not trying to kiss butt here or anything, but Dean is a he*l of a smart GM. I'm pretty sure he won't get ripped off. He's never made a trade without either getting the upper hand big time, or at least....AT LEAST playing even. If he makes a move, don't look at the paper, or listen to other people's opinion right away. Just wait a week, and then you'll see why he did it. That's what I think.
I just hope the heck Levi ain't goin' nowhere. Dean said there's a fifty-fifty chance we could be moving key players, but Levi is all I'm worried about now. I think he belongs here in Swifty. He was made for the Broncos. If he gets traded, I might not attend anymore.... On the other hand though, I highly HIGHLY doubt he'll be moved...still, I'm a bit edgy about it....

Anonymous said...

big ern, are your knees sore?