Thursday, January 04, 2007

Donkey of the Day

Keep smiling Patrik, keep smiling. Did you see him blow that empty net chance last night in Edmonton. He had an uncontested empty-net to salt the game away against the Oilers with 8 seconds and some how lost control of the puck! Edmonton picked it up, moved it 200 feet up the ice for an Alex Hemsky breakaway goal to tie 5-5 before regulation would end! Wild. Dallas made good by winning in a shootout after another Jussi Jokinen "Peter Forsberg" goal.

But if you saw that, you've just witnessed one of the biggest NHL 1st overall draft pick flops in history doing his thing. Way to go Patrik!

Everyone seen this already? It's a 13 year-old kid putting on a breakaway dangle show in practice. Does anyone know where this kid is from? Please post if you know.

Here's the link:

Broncos will have some key components still missing against the Regina Pats Friday night. Leavold is sick, sounds like it's worse than first thought. Bortis won't play because of that ankle injury and Daniel Rakos will not be back from the World Juniors until after the weekend. Good news is, R.J. Larochelle will return and should be in the line-up.

Ran into Kyle Moir today at practice. He wanted to correct my post . . . he's 0-5 not 0-6 in the playoffs. Sorry Moisy! But as he left for home he shouted "we're going all the way this year" That was good to hear. I love the confidence.

Tim Tisdale will be behind the Broncos bench this weekend as they take on Regina in a home and home series. Do you think Tissy is excited to take on his former team? I would say yes . . . most definitely. He will serve as an Assistant Coach with Dean away on a scouting trip.

Don't forget about the World Junior game. We'll have it on the Eagle at 12 noon.

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Joel said...

That kid is unreal and only 13 holy crap. Hopefully Bortis is not out for long. Seems as soon as he gets going he gets injured. Too bad. But hopefully Dave's unbeaten streak can continue tonight. Lets go Broncos.

Andy Kemper said...

Keener...from the video, one of the ads on the boards has area code 207, which is for the state of not in WHL territory unfortunately.

Jon Keen said...

Darn, I was hoping he was a Canadian kid, oh well.

Thanks Andy.

Joel said...

Wooooooo!!!! GOLD BABY WE GOT GOLD!!I tell Jon you just can't beat good old Canadian Heart.

ernie said...

YEAAAAAH!!!! YES!!! Posting this on my new TOSHIBA, right here at the CIVIC CENTRE!!! Way to go Canada!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now your just showing off Ernie. (just kidding buddy). See you at the game

dave said...

In case you missed it.....

You can watch it over and over on your brand new Toshiba big ern. It doesn't tell the three stories of the game though.

ernie said...

Thanks Dave....(HUNCHAK???!!??) Would Hunch have posted this...I wonder? I'll have to ask him.
What a drubbing on the Pats tonight by Swifty!!! WOW!! Did our guys click, or what??!!!! Let's go tonight in Regina!