Monday, January 15, 2007

Future Is Now . . . Eakin to Make Broncos Debut

Just got word from the coaching staff that 2006 first round bantam pick Cody Eakin will put on the Broncos jersey for the first time in the regular season tomorrow night.

The banged up Broncos have recalled a trio of players to help out the cause. Eakin is a highly touted 15 year old who is ripping up "AAA" midget in Winnipeg.

Over the weekend a pair of 16 year-olds Kris Foucalt and Mike Brown made their Broncos' debut. They both played well especially Brown who impressed me on the Saddledome ice. In talking with the scouting staff, Brown has progressed by leaps and bounds this past year and his upside might be unlimited.

Eakin, Broncos debut, that right there could be worth the price of a ticket.

Broncos and T-Birds, face-off at 7:30pm. Our pre-game show is set for 7pm. For those that missed Sunday's almost miraculous comeback over Calgary the pre-game show will have a recap from some of the key players and coaches. Included in the recap will what Dean Chynoweth called "pigeon power" . . . more on that tomorrow, it's worth checking out.

See you tomorrow,


Joel said...

You nailed it these kids will be worth the price of admission. Can't wait to see these young men play. With these types of players in our system I don't see how anyone can say Dean should not be back next year at least as a GM. 3 year turn around is unreal in this day and age. Will be fun to watch tom.

ernie said...

Hahaha! Joel, make sure everyone knows that last word in your post means "tomorrow." You're not referring to Cody as "Tom Eakin," are you?? Hahaha...JUST KIDDING!!
But wow, it will be fun to watch...LET'S GO SWIFTY!!!