Saturday, January 06, 2007


You're kidding right? That was the response I had from several people who asked me what the score in the game was last night. I guess if I wasn't there I wouldn't have believed it myself.

No one can really explain it but we'll take it. After a scoreless first period the Broncos went to work scoring five in the 2nd and four more in the 3rd for one of the biggest lopsided wins in years. In my time here I don't remember something like that. I will do some research here and check some things out today. I remember an 8-1 win over Brandon two years ago after the Broncos put up six goals in the third period.

Here what I liked from last night . . . eight different goal scorers. Dale Wiese (2), Levi Nelson, Dane Crowley, Paul Postma, Jeremy Schenderling, Matt Tassone, Phil Gervais and David Stieler. The boys had a fun night last night. Everyone worked together and tried to help eachother out. Did you see Levi Nelson going well out of his way to get Bronco rookie forward Justin Dowling the puck in the third. Dowling, who made his Broncos debut last night looked good but afterwards admitted the pace of the game was very fast compared to what he's used to in the Alberta "AAA" midget league with the UFA Bisons. If you can remember the "Future In Good Hands" where I outlined my top 10 Bronco prospects, I believe Dowling was 2nd or 3rd behind Cody Eakin and Ian Curtis.

Dowling will not play tonight in Regina. He returned home today to play for his UFA Bisons team. He leads that league in scoring with 41 points. Hopefully we'll see him again soon.

I was very concerned with the injuries and sickness at forward heading into the game. No Bortis, Leavold or Rakos. Derek Claffey was sick as well to put a hole in the blueline. But guys like Grant Toulmin, Matt Tassone and Phil Gervais were excellent again. Toulmin didn't score but he deserved one. Tassone had a chance everytime he was on the ice and Gervais was rewarded for his hard-work with a seeing-eye goal in the 2nd.

How about Pats Head Coach Curtis Hunt coming back after a game like that. Here's Hunt, fresh off a World Junior gold medal as an Assistant Coach and his team gets shellacked 9-cobb. That would be tough to take.

Bronco fans, if you were there last night congratulations, that's a game fans will be talking about for a long time. The rematch will be tough tonight in Regina. It's on the Eagle 94.1 FM beginning at 6:30pm with the pre-game show. Former Bronco defenseman Aaron Rome will be our guest before face-off. He made his NHL debut this week with Anaheim. We'll chat about that big night and his time here in Swifty.

Lastly, how about Steven Mah from the Booster newspaper participating in the score-o challenge in the intermission on the ice. Are you kidding? Can you imagine the Leaderposts' Rob Vanstone tonight at the Brandt Center competing in some on-ice challenge? Don't get me wrong, I was cheering for Steve but c'mon man, you're covering the game and not a common fan! Oh well, I guess that's what makes Swifty unique! Switzer and I couldn't stop laughing . . . thanks.

See you at the rink,


mark said...

hopefully you only compare mah and vanstone because they have similar professions. To compare their professional abilities is like comparing mah the preschooler to vanstone the college professor

dave said...

"Lastly, how about Steven Mah from the Booster newspaper participating in the score-o challenge in the intermission on the ice. Are you kidding?"

Almost sounds like a couple guys are jealous about not getting picked for the "build a burger" promo. I'm sure Brad told me he reads your blog so maybe he will see this and pick you and Switzer at the next game. Or maybe you and BigErn. LOL

ernie said...

Who the hell are you, DAVE??!! Have I ever met you? I just can't think of a DAVE around the Broncos, except Hunchak. Next game, please report to SECTION E, ROW 3, Seat 14...LOL Thanks.
The Pats sure showed up last night. We had some goalie issues with the first few goals, although we had some turnovers. Anyway, the Pats had better show up...THEY were abseloutely HUMILIATED on Friday!!! We'll see how the guys do through Alberta next weekend...three in three nights....INTERESTING!
Caught the Stars in Calgary last night on HNIC, Jon. They outshot and outplayed Calgary, I think the shots were 36-17 at one point, and Kipper was amazing! I can't believe the guy! I was looking at the heavens half of last evening! The chances were there..the shots were there...but the saves he made...WOW!!! And then in a 2-2 tie with 2 mins. to go, A FLUKE!! Who else puts it past Marty, but yours truly DUSTIN BOYD, called up for his fourth NHL game last night???!!! An empty netter would seal the deal. Anyhow, the Stars were amazing....hell they're not only missing MIKE MODANO!!!...BRENDEN MORROW!!...ERIC LINDROS!...but last night they were also missing SERGEI ZUBOV!!!!, who was out with back spasms. Can these guys fill the void when their top players are injured OR WHAT??!! And I mean their ABSELOUTE TOP PLAYERS!!! Great effort...couldn't beat KIPPER. Dave Tippett said after the game..."thems the breaks, you know?" LOL LOL

Anonymous said...


Why does it matter that the guy from the Booster was in the Score-O shootout thing? It's a raffle run by the Kinsmen. He bought a ticket just like everyone else. Because he works in the media should he be excluded from buying tickets on the 6/49 too? I'm not sure I'm making the connection.