Monday, January 29, 2007

Season Slipping Away

I hate to use that term, but unless the Broncos turn things around in February, it won't be a very happy late March.

Last night, as Broncos Assistant Coach Dave Hunchak said it in the post-game show "just when you think you have all the holes in the boat plugged, a new one spouts up some where."

Last night it was goaltending. Nine goals against on 34 shots chased both starter Travis Yonkman and then his replacement Kyle Moir in the 2nd period back in favor of Yonkman. Dean Chynoweth has made a "Mike Keenan like" eight goaltender changes in the last six games! Maybe they will start making goaltending changes on the fly, a brand new six skaters on the ice at a time.

Steven Gillen will never forget last night. His 4g,3a is no doubt a career WHL night for him now in his 20 year-old season. Former Legionnaires defenseman Cody Thoring chipped in with five assists as the two teams traded goals throughout.

Tied 3-3 after one, then 6-6 after two, it was the Warriors who kept the pace up in third period scoring three more times for the 9-6 win. The loss is also the Broncos third in a row on home ice.

The loss moves the Broncos to 9 points from being completely removed from the post-season even though they still sit in 2nd place in the east division.

How about Nathan Wieler and Sheldon Dean last night in the stripes? Halfway through the game the powerplays favored the Broncos 9-1. Rule of thumb says eventually the powerplays will get evened up, but how do you even up the PP's at that point? Easy. The rest of the game the powerplay favored Moose Jaw 9-1! When the game ended the chances were even 10-10, unbelievable. Has anyone else noticed how drastic the games are when there's two referees instead of one? I prefer just the one ref, the game seems to flow better.

The Broncos host the Red Deer Rebels Wednesday in their 4th and final meeting of the season. Red Deer has won all three. In the three previous games Martin Hanzal, Kirill Starkov have had a points smorgasborg. If they are stopped so are the Rebels.

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ernie said...

I know it's getting from ugly to uglier Jonny, but cut the titles on the's not THAT bad yet Jonny, c'mon man! Any team can dig out of anything.
I am not one to be optimistic and try convincing everybody else to be the same, and then not come up with an explanation after a disappointment like last night. So, here goes....don't believe it if you don't want to, it's just my humble opinion....
I'm never one to bash officiating, but that young gun, Sheldon Dean, thinks he can do whatever he wants. There's a ref with tonnes of experience on the ice in Nathan Wieler, and the baby ref. takes the show. First of all, how old is he? 19, or 20? Secondly, he weighs about 110 lbs or so. He has screwed us before, (namely once in Saskatoon) with his inexperienced, out-of-control antics. I think what he needs, is a 200 lbs. player to collide with him, and hit him so hard he goes down for a while. Maybe then he'd be back where he belongs. Powerplays were 9-2 in favor of Swift after the this league, thre's a magic rule somewhere, that says they will be even at the end.....and BY GOD!!! They were even!!! WHAT AN EXCUSE!!! And at the expense of an inexperienced, clueless little freak. So I say, if there is an experienced ref on the ice looking at the play and doesn't call a penalty, then young Sheldon, SHUT THE HELL UP!! THE FANS ARE NOT WATCHING YOU!!! THEY WANT TO SEE A HOCKEY GAME!! But then, what else have we seen from this league in the last ten years, but horrific officiating.......I dunno...I just don't.
Secondly, our goaltending needs to step up big time. I have confidence in both goalies, and we are said (or WERE at one time) to have the best one-two goalie punch in the league. MOISSY, YONKS, what is it? 30 shots? Seven games in a row? C'mon! Our goaltending steals games. Last night, it would have had to be just average to win, because the guys scored six times, but c'mon! I mean......we need that big save from one of you! Not everything thrown at the net can go in....that doesn't work!
The skaters played fine, in my opinion. With the exception of goaltending, I thought the guys did really well to score six, and it's definitely enough to win hockey games. Doyle with four points....WOW! (I already think that trade was a steal.) Levi gets three points, Dale Weise with three, and Leavold gets two. There's points all over the board, what else could you wish for offensively?? I'm not saying the goalies were not hung out to dry once or twice, but even so, we are used to seeing Moir or Yonkman make those saves 11 out of 12 times. The skaters were good last night, in my opinion. It was a game with poor goaltending, and to add some cheese to it, it was screwed up by a young referee. So I say, "C'mon boys, let's get going....Moissy and Yonks, I still believe in you." And we CAN do it! We CAN bounce back! It's a matter of believing in yourself, and getting that confidence back. I strongly believe we can do this!
Of course on Wednesday, LET'S GO SWIFTY!!!!

Joel said...

There was more to that loss in my opinion than just blaming the goalies. They were hung out to dry. Its about time we learned to play defence. Too many time over the last little bit we have 4 or 5 human PYLONGS. The opposition comes down skates past all forwards and blows by the defence and shots and scores. Somebody hit them. From what I can see we still have a problem with floaters. Guys have to be willing to pay the price at both ends. We are BRUTAL in our own end. I got faith we can turn it around. Come on guys, you are better than this. Believe in yourselves.

pat from regina said...

The JAWS theme song is gettin louder boys! Really you guys are being to hard on your team. You must see it by now that they have over-achieved all season (or up until a few games ago). The power plays were even, so why didn't Swift capitalize more at the start of the game? Don't constantly be blaming the refs when your team gives up 9 goals, or be taking personal pot shots at one because he is thin. Ernie I expect more! I said before most reffing is bad across the board in all hockey, and by taking personal shots at ones age or size isn't going to entice many people into doing it. If it is that easy take a course, start at novice and work your way up! I tried it when I was younger and when a drunk pee-wee coach threatened to run me over with his truck, well I had second thoughts! In closing naa naa naa naa nanananananananan the shark is getting closer!!!

ernie said...

A "drunk pee-wee coach?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Man, you piss me off most days, but kudos! That's a good one! LOL LOL

Anonymous said... me understand why there is no call for Dean's head...anywhere else in the hockey world and he would be gone. Pay him out till June and give Dave the role till then. No need for a GM now, at least not until bantam draft. Great confidence building in your goaltenders. Come on...that is ridiculous. Anyone who thinks Yonkman and Moir are to blame do not understand the game...sure they have not been as good as they have were early in the season...after all they were the ones that single handedly got us into a solid 2nd place...that is before the WHOLE team took a who do you blame...a bunch of teenagers...come on, the head guy if he put his ego aside should either step down from his coaching role or be fired...either way you can't blame a bunch of kids for the joke he has become with what he has done with the worked once so Dean thinks every time it will work...NOT!! The team is simply saying well, that's Dean...he is going nuts again. Just look at Dean's record of developing goalies, or rather NOT developing goalies...he has no idea. In Seattle he ruined a 4th round NHL pick in Nick Pannoni as well as Ryan them both and they'll tell you he is a goalie killer not a goalie developer. Interesting, in year one there was no pressure on Dean and the same in year two...but now, with is job on the line, he loses it...the real Dean comes out. He has not built a team, the locker, allegedly, is the worst in years, and that is a reflection of leadership...Leadership from the top...from which there is none, at least none that is apparent or displayed. For those of us here who care about our team, it is time to say good bye to Dean...thanks for what you have done (not much) and move on to the next chapter...not much to have to pay him and all things considered, how much worse off would we be. If not, then hope everyone is prepared for another year WITHOUT playoffs...not just a first round loss...some of us still believe, for now...

ernie said...

Anonymous, are you drunk? SOBER up man, SOBER UP!!!

pat from regina said...

You mean I didn't piss you off this time Ernie? Guess I'll have to put a little more into it next one. "GO PATTIES"!

Anonymous said...

Anyone with a brain at the MJ game realizes there was only one reason we lost....CRAPPY GOALTENDING!!...neither of them made a save. It has been terrible for the last few games.....they are both solid goalies in a little slump....hopefully they will turn it around and things will get better in Broncoland.

I can't believe that people whose highest hockey achievement is playing senior in places like Abbey, Kyle and Ponteix think they know more than a man who played in the NHL(12 years I believe). These are the same people who yell "SHOOT,SHOOT" during the entire powerplay or think they don't have a system...I am sure Dean says "Let's practice the PP today whatever you want!"

We have some of the dumbest fans on the planet in terms of their hockey knowledge. I am going to see if the college can offer a course "Hockey for Dummies" to all season ticket holders.