Thursday, January 25, 2007

Broncos/Chiefs Preview & Random Thoughts

Ok, we all know this isn't the Spokane Chiefs logo, but by all means it should be. Let's pay tribute to a classic hockey flick from 1977 that gave us so many great lines that will be quoted from hockey generation to generation. In fact, let's hear your best "Slapshot" quote, post it in the comments, but try to keep it clean. Here's mine:
[Referee skates over to Steve Carlson during the playing of the National Anthem] Referee: Got my eye on the three of you. You pull one thing, you're out of this game. I run a clean game here. I have any trouble here, I'll suspend ya.
Steve Hanson: I'm listening to the ******* song!

It's the Broncos and Chiefs later tonight at the Civic Center as the Broncos try to rebound following their first loss at the CC since December 15th. The Broncos were routed 7-2 Wednesday night by Regina as they catch the Spokane playing their last game through the east division. The Chiefs are 1-4 on their swing so far with losses in Brandon, Regina, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw with their lone win coming Wednesday night in Saskatoon.

This is the first and only meeting between the two clubs this season. So far the Broncos are 2-1 against teams from the U.S. division with wins over Portland and Seattle and a loss to Everett.

Make no mistake about it the Chiefs are a very dangerous team that is simply having problems on the swing. They have talent to watch out for tonight. Here's a quick sample.

Derek Ryan: 20 year-old forward with 41 points - tied for the team lead
Ondrej Roman (Czech) - 17 year-old future star also with 41 points
Michael Grabner (Austria) - Vancouver Canucks 1st round pick this past summer, 22 goals
Drayson Bowman - fresh off the top prospects game. Having a good season with 34 points
Justin Falk - draft eligible 6'5 225 pound defenseman the Chiefs are waiting on to get mean
J.P. Szaszkiewicz - you try saying that. How many z's are you allowed in a name anyways?

The Broncos welcome Levi Nelson back into the line-up tonight after he missed two games due to a suspension. Looks like Matt Tassone will be a ? after blocking a shot Wednesday. All other players with the exception of Kyle Bortis should be good to go.

It's game three of a five game homestand the Broncos have to make hay on. Two wins this weekend with Moose Jaw coming in Sunday night has to be the focus, anything less would be deemed a disappointment I think. The Broncos spent a good chunk of their time in video sessions today. Let's hope they sorted some defensive zone issues out.

I went for supper tonight with my friend Terry Pavely to Houston Pizza. The University of Regina Cougars mens hockey team stopped in. Local players Blair Stengler, Adam Ward, Matt Schultz and Clay Thoring were among the players who had a "homecooked meal" of sorts.

It's newspaper day across the southwest with the Booster and Prairie Post out so that means I get to weigh in with my two cents. The Booster just doesn't get it! Headline: "Smith scores shootout winner to overcome Hitmen". Are you kidding? Based on Wednesday night's performance the game vs the Hitmen is a distant memory. Thanks for the gripping recap. By the way, Elvis died too in case you're all wondering. They did have a good story on Jeff Harvey taking a shot at the Global TV series "Making the Cut". We'll save that, the rest is bottom of the birdcage material. The Prairie Post at least gets it . . . they had a preview of tonight's Broncos/Chiefs game. Now there's some timely news. Thank you. Prairie Post 1 Booster 0.

I'll stick to the blog.

Anyone want to take a shot at what to expect tonight? Let's hear it.

See you at the rink,


Switzer said...

Reg Dunlop To Anita McCambridge: You know, your son looks like a (rhymes with 'stag') to me. You better get married again cause he's gonna wind up with somebody's (rhymes with 'sock') in his mouth before you can say 'Jack Robinson'.

ernie said...

Ryan, you wicked piece of work! No quotes for me, just game notes. The Broncos should be good to go. It seems they're not a team to CATCH anybody in the standings, but when all hope looks lost of HOLDING ON to a spot in a division, the Broncos have been awesome. (See last year's battle with Red Deer for that final playoff spot.) If I can remember right, Red Deer was only one point behind us at about four times in the second half, and we managed to squeak away from them just enough. So yes, the Broncos tend to perform great when under extreme pressure, and that's why this kid predicts something like 3-1 or 4-2 Swift Current tonight. LET'S GO SWIFTY? After all Jon, OUTLAW KEN'S big wallet flushed down the toilet this morning, right? LOL LET'S GO SWIFTY!!!

Anonymous said...
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mole said...

Maurice: "Anyone here know the Palm Isle? (Kissed) the bar maid there last trip. She rubbed up against me without even saying, 'hello'! (Elbows) as hard as little rocks."

kevin said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Jon as one of 20,0000 residents of the southwest that rarely gets to go games, and 19,999 that does not listen to you and switzer butcher a broadcast the booster is one of the places where I read what happened during the game. All sources of media have their place not just yours!

Jon Keen said...

Had to delete a couple of comments, One of the booster employees got a little cranky I think! (Nice anonymous post by the way, stand-up guy) Remember, I'm fair game but leave the players out of it. I also deleted the response to the sour paperguy because it alone would have made no sense.

Keep it clean is all I ask.

Jon Keen said...

Thanks for the hits too, I appreciate it!

Switzer said...

Well seeing as how I'm getting brought into this, read my thoughts on The Booster over at my blog. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

like your blog, all the bickering makes me giggle

ointhecreek said...

The trouble with Swift John is we have no local TV, (and I won't count southwesttvnews)no real coverage of the Broncos besides local radio. CTV was suppose to pick up the slack when CJFB shut down but hasn't happened.I sure miss seeing hilights of the games for the times I can't see the other end of the rink.
I'm not sure what happened to the Booster but they seem to be behind in everything lately. It's not good when a paper based out of Medicine Hat has more up to date coverage.

Anonymous said...

media fued aside (calm down guys) if the broncos don't start showing some heart, no one will be watching, listening, or reading!

Anonymous said...

I saw the comments the booster guy left, talk about rude and to bash the players like that too. I think its jealousy. If he works for the paper that is bad. We are enjoying reading in Calgary,THANKS

dave said...

Anything said by Denis Lemieux is hilarious. I love his "Halleregy to the fans." Moe can be a little crude at times but he must love fishing when he toasts "here's to all that gorgeous catch in FLA."

Found a website with some audio files at

"Trade me right ****ing now"