Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nelson Handed Two Game Suspension

I'm sure all Bronco fans have heard about this by now.

I was in Brandon, I saw the hit and it didn't look good. Was Nelson's knee intentional? No. Was it reactionary? Yes. I also saw it several times on the way home in slow-motion, reversed and replayed. I can handle the two game suspension.

However, why is it the only two game suspension handed out by the league this season on similar plays? There has been nine other suspensions dished out for kneeing majors - all just a single game. Is it the Dustin Kohn factor, one of the new WHL goldenboys? If the hit was on Brandon 4th liner Nathan Green would the suspension be the same?

The WHL's injury report is out today. I'm guessing Kohn, who hurt the same knee in Swift Current December 2nd, will be week-to-week with a knee injury but I'm not exactly sure on his status.

One thing I've noticed is that every time a suspension is put on a Bronco, it's always twice the amount of time than anyone else in the league. Who remembers Matty Trojovsky against the Tigers or Alex Lentowich in the same series. What about Brandon Tidball in last year's post-season?

How about Colin Stone's WHL career being ended from a blatant charge from Ryan Hollweg? Nothing. Not one game for Hollweg. It just seems there's a different standard when it involves the Broncos.

I don't understand? Can someone please help?


Switzer said...

Good post as always Jon. It seems the Broncos always get screwed in situations like this. It also brings back memories of the Jeff Glass/David Murray incident. I can still hear KJ's voice "and to Kootenay Ice Goaltender #31 Jeff Glass...two minutes for roughing" after he bludgeoned David Murray with is blocker. What would the call be if Yonkman did that to Ryan White?

Jon Keen said...

Good one, I forgot about that. That was one of the biggest disgraces on Civic Center ice. No suspension was levied.

ernie said...

Yes Jon, I can help you with this:
I'm not trying to defend Levi just because we're good buddies or anything. I'm just saying, "Why in the hell are all other incidents like this one-gamers? Sounds ridiculous to me, it truly does. But, WHATEVER! They'll do what they want anyway, even if we stand on our heads, so let 'em buck, I guess. LET'S GO SWIFTY tomorrow!

Joel said...

Its been this way since I moved here and started to follow this team. Its almost like the league wants to punish the small market team that been successful over the years. Its there way of gettin back at us for being community owned. Just my thought but Its been getting ridiculous. Yeah that Ice game was disgusting and then you have the Colin Stone incident. Makes us all wonder.

pat from regina said...

Boo-Hoo MOMMMMMMM, everybody is picking on us!!!! Whatever! You could likely talk to every team in the WHL and they could come up with incidents where their team was screwed. People complain about the refing in the NHL. Well it's a trickle down effect and the reffering in hockey at any level is just not that good. Maybe the league decided after all the one game suspensions handed out, that there wasn't anyone paying attention so now a 2 gamer was handed out. Of course as always the poor, heart-of-gold-small-town-boy from "Swifty" didn't mean to knee the other player, "it just happened".

ernie said...

Why don't you stick to your team?
And if you want to talk about who should be suspended, or who did something on purpose, talk about Brent Parker, or listen to him. UNBELIEVABLE! The refs can be great, if his team loses he still complains. Why don't they suspend him?....or you maybe?
Secondly, have you no name to post under?

pat from regina said...

Brent Parker could have probably paid Keener's salary for a year with all the fines he has paid for his comments. If you don't believe me you should pick up a copy of "Saskatchewan's Newspaper" The Leader Post. Whenever he gets fined it's always in print. Oh sorry all those sections, I know it can be confusing just go for the sports.
What is it you don't understand about "pat from regina" it's not some "Cute play on words" BIG ERN. It's my frickin name!

ernie said...

Whatever! Hey, go nuts!