Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pats Supporting Cast Comes Through

What does Pats tough-guy Myles Stoesz and Euro forward Kaspars Saulietis have in common? Most nights, nothing. But last night, they both scored their first goals as members of the Regina Pats, in fact they each scored twice!

It was not a good night for the Broncos on home ice who were treating the game as a "playoff type game". That message came through in a couple of the pre-game interviews.

OK, mistake #1, we all know how Bronco playoff games have gone over the course of the last three years, so I guess in some way they got what they asked for. Outscored, goalie pulled, a lopsided result . . . kind of seemed like a playoff game afterall.

Kyle Moir was back in the Broncos goal, just a couple nights after being pulled in favor of Travis Yonkman in the Calgary game. Moir only made it into the 2nd when he was yanked for Yonkman. It marks the 4th straight game in which the Broncos have made a goaltending change in mid-stride.

The 1st period is hurting this team. They have now been outscored 52-27 in first periods this season. That is a big hole to climb out of. Their starts need to be better.

"It's embarrassing, we got outworked tonight, just look at the score 7-2. That doesn't fly with this team and we have to bounce back." spouted Jeremy Schenderling in our post-game show. The message was the same in other interviews with Broncos captain Myles Rumsey and Assistant Coach Dave Hunchak.

"You need to have a spine to play this game," was quipped by Hunchak in the coaches show. I have to ask the question where was the toughness with our team last night?

It seems players are content being a .500 hockey club this season who are right back to an even 24-24-1-1 through 50 games.

Broncos defenseman Eric Doyle left the game early after blocking a shot off his foot. His status for tomorrow night is unknown. The team will have Levi Nelson back in the line-up who sat out the last two because of suspension. The player he collided with knee-on-knee Dustin Kohn was back in the Brandon line-up Tuesday night in Medicine Hat - never missing a game.

Broncos and "who owns the" Chiefs tomorrow night at the Civic Center.

Back to my real job, it's time for the 7am sportscast, more later today.



pat from regina said...

Can you hear the theme song from Jaws "SWIFTY". Iknow you guys were missing your best player, and the ref hates you, and the weather was too warm for hockey..etc,etc... Now that I have got Ernies attention don't worry the remember a 9-0 Pats loss and the good guys came back and won the next one so we will see what happens. Still I can't seam to quit humming that song!

pat from regina said...

Sorry about the spelling or lack there of kind of a crazy morning so far!

ernie said...

Just a quick word, Jon. I talked to Eric (Doyle) at Bp's, and he said he will be back in the lineup Friday, so that's a good thing, I guess. We didn't get a good effort at all last night. Next game will be different. The guys still know there's an Eastern division banner to be won. Last nnight's team was not our Broncos' team, and they realize that. We'll bounce back hard, so stay cool everyone. And yes, Pat from Regina, I'll say it again: "LET'S GO SWIFTY." One thing you'll notice with me Pat, I never ever lose confidence in my team. And another thing you probably didn't think of last night.....7-2 sounds about TEN times more respectable than 9-0!!!!! Our guys didn't pull the plug, and they scored two goals. However, the team that plays better, always wins, and such was the case last night. But like it's been all season, who knows how the Pats will do next game? LET'S GO SWIFTY!!!!

Jon Keen said...

Ernie and Pat, thanks for keeping the blog going. Every day there's a new record for the amount of hits. I'm sure you two are accounting for the majority!

Joel said...

Im confident they can rebound from that game. But what more is there to say about that game that hasnt been said. The more I think about it the more i get frustrated. So I will not say anymore. (I'll end up saying something I regret).

Anonymous said...


pat from regina said...

Ernie, That hurts I was giving you your props and you still dissed me! That's it the gloves are off.(LOL). Also a W is a W whether you win by one or ten. It is still 2 pts. in the standings.

ernie said...

I know buddy, I know. It hurts, but hey! The good thing with hockey is, there's always more games to play, so we'll see.....