Friday, January 12, 2007

No Thrills and Frills Tonight

Tonight's broadcast is going to be a tough one. Not feeling 100% and the voice is half there. I hope I can pull it together for three games in three nights. Please bare with me tonight!

Seven games in 10 nights . . . here we go.

Broncos and Hurricanes, We're on the air at 7:30pm with the pre-game, 8pm play-by-play.


ernie said...

First of all (yes I did hear it), for the "Danny Rakos impersonation" this morning...BRUTAL!!" Poor Danny! If you wanted to impersonate him, you should have done the starting lineups clip..."Hi. I'm Daniel Rakos. I vear number tventy-five. I play left ving..." LOL LOL
But Jon...guess who else is in trouble. Our Dallas Stars again...OH NO!! They have lost three straight! That's unheard of from Dallas!!! But can you blame them? Still injured, is Mike Modano, Brenden Morrow, Eric Lindros (WHAT ELSE IS NEW??!) and also Sergei Zubov of late. Half their team is gone, and they've still managed to play .500! I still like 'em...they're still an amazing team.
Anyway, that about does me up if your voice gets too bad...LOL LOL I can do the broadcast Jim Hughson style, Bob Ridley style, Cam Moon style, Rod Pedersen style....ETC...ETC...ETC...ETC. Whatever you prefer! Hahaha.
Gonna be a tough weekend for the team. The 3 and 0 record we have on Lethbridge could play a big part in those guys' heads...hopefully. I'm excited about RD and Calgary, as well as Eric Doyle's Bronco debut. Good luck with that flu-bug Jon, and LET'S GO SWIFTY!!!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you meant "bear with me" instead of "bare with me". While there may be some of your listeners that want to be bare with you, I'm not one of them.

Jon Keen said...

I even asked someone if the "bare" was right and they said yes.

Oh well, no offense.

Anonymous said...

You did a Danny Rakos impression? If you can, you should put a clip of it on your blog so we can judge for ourselves how bad it was. By the way, how did Rakos mess up his travel plans that badly that he's not back yet? I didn't think that was possible.

Anonymous said...

Not to sound to condesending, but isn't it a Czech tradition to take an extended holiday by making an "error in flight arrangements" so that they can stay home. I know it sounds funny but I KNOW this is what they do.

Big Ern said...

Doesn't look too good in Lethbridge tonight, as Swifty is down 5-1 after the second. I'm not mad yet...I DON'T GET MAD AT THE TEAM!! Problem?? IMO, Danny should never have taken that penalty so early...I was a bit ticked off at that....back for three minutes...penalty already. Broncos don't get their first PP until late in the second...sounds kind'a ridiculous. However, I've never been one to blast officiating.
I know Brent Parker will be mad though, as Seattle set back Regina again, 3-1. Good news outta' P.A. too...Raiders lead Brandon 5-3 at this point. Go Raiders tonight!
I won't make a prediction yet...everything in Lethbridge could change in a hurry. It is after all, "junior hockey." One thing that you can always say about this level, is: "You never know..."
Hey, WOW! Is that Doyle kid ever sounding good on this PP...WOW!!! They'll probably score pretty quick...OOOOOOHH SOOOO CLOSE!!! Go Swifty! I'll post later. This is my blog now too....isn't it Jon??!! Hahahahaha!
Good on "guess who" for scoring 0:24 in...WOW! Way to go, Levi buddy! Let's go in the third!

Big Ern

ernie said...

Here I am again, and don't anybody dare say, "You post too often!" This is my blog too! Hahahahaa! LOL LOL LOL Take that, Jon! Haha!
Not the prettiest one in Lethbridge tonight. I think Moissy needs to step his play up a little, although our defense wasn't hot, like Dave mentioned post-game. There WERE some positives. Levi...WOW! AGAIN! Two goals, and never gave up. The rest of the team actually never pulled the plug either...the Broncos aren't a team to do that. They would still try down 9-0! They kept this one respectable, at least. Great to see Doyle get one assist in his debut. Also, dig the R.J. fight, eh? ONE PUNCH...LIGHTS OUT!!! Hahaha! We'll do better tomorrow, I'm sure.
Check out Dane Crowley's profile on on the picture with an Everett jersey on...looks a bit sleepy, and under the weather. That picture must have been taken not long after evrything he went through with getting traded...the long trip and all....looks like the hockey player he is, anyway. Good luck CROW! We'll miss you, man!
Getting my rural high speed net tomorrow...WOW! Will that be cool! I'll be able to post twice as fast...twice as much. The blogs and forums will become known as "the Big Ern era." Hahahahahaha! G'night everyone! Go SWIFTY tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

hey ernie, why don't you start your own blog? That way everyone thats interested can read all your thoughts.