Sunday, January 14, 2007

Broncos In A Funk; Injuries Mount

Red Deer - It's not good in Broncoland folks.

Five straight road losses and and a growing injury list will make things tough on this team the next couple weeks.

Already without Kyle Bortis,Matt Tassone and Brady Leavold (who may play tonight in Calgary), you can add injuries to Myles Rumsey and Dale Wiese.

Rumsey spent the night in hospital for observation after taking a puck to the throat while blocking a pass last night. We wants to play but I don't think he will get the clearance. Dale Wiese slid hard into the end boards and banged his knee pretty good. He won't play either.

It's a tough one in Calgary in a few hours time as the Hitmen try to snap a three game skid. The Hitmen played last night in Kootenay and lost 5-2.

Their powerplay is ranked tops in the league and that might be trouble for a banged-up penalty kill.

Calgary also beat the Broncos 8-0 in their last meeting as the Broncos played their third game in as many nights.

Special shout-out to the Postma Clan . . . John, Janet and the family. They were out in full force for last night's game in Red Deer cheering on Paul. They tell me they read the blog everyday. If there's a friendlier family in the WHL I haven't met them.

Broncos and the Hitmen on the Eagle tonight beginning at 5:30pm, play-by-play at 6.

Hold on tight,


ernie said...

Yeah, about the "Posties" doubt, they're pretty awesome people. John gave me a ride home for one game, and the rest of the family are just AWESOME! Hope to see you guys at the Civ. Centre again sometime. Have a good one! Also, I know Luke is always somewhere around a shout out to Hunts too. Nothing is impossible...we CAN knock the Hitmen off tonight, so... LET'S GO SWIFTY!!!

Big Ern

Joel said...

I got faith in the boys. It will be tough, what a time for injuries. But they can overcome this. Take the frustration out on the HITMEN. Lets go Broncos.

Joel said...

Atta goy boys. We knew you could do it. OT WIN YESSS!!!

ernie said...

I SERIOUSLY DO NOT know what to say after that one. In the end, you can say Yonkman was clearly amazing. But that team looked completely out of it, and then all of a sudden, three big BANGS!!!
All I can say is, "The pigeon brought them luck." LOL
Jon you were awesome this weekend! Fought through a flu bug...still announced like a pro. Didn't need my help...OBVIOUSLY! Hahaha!
Honorable mentions to Leavold, who made his return known, Levi, who is on a five-game point streak, (GOOD PLAYING MAN!!) and kudos to our new kid, Eric Doyle...two assists on the weekend. He's starting to fit in really well, I thought. He looked a bit shaky throughout, but "them are the trade issues," I guess. Got points anyway.
Jon, Dane Crowley had his first goal in Everett yesterday. Fits right in, seemingly. Good luck Crow!
G'night...hope to hear you on-air tomorrow morning...I'll be up milking cows at 4:00 as usual.
GREAT WIN!!! YEssssssss!!
G'night everyone! Great win!