Saturday, January 27, 2007

Just to clarify

First of all thanks Trina, Joel and Kim for your comments, I appreciate them very much. I should clarify though that the harsh comments came from somone who may or may not be with the paper. It was an anonymous post that sounded like an inside job from an employee but I don't know that for sure so I just call him the "Booster Guy". Who knows really.

The comments I made in no way reflect a certain employee or employees of the paper ,it was simply my thoughts on their philosophy of covering and reporting local sports. I have no beef with an individual although it may have come across that way. I would hope the e-mail directed to me was not by one of their employees.

I've heard the folks at the paper are quite rattled over this.

This blog in no way reflects the views of Goldenwest Radio or the Swift Current Broncos in which I am not employed by. It's just my personal thoughts and daily takes on the local sports scene and our Major Junior Hockey team.

Now, I'm off to the Field Dreams Dinner, say hi if you see me there,

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Birthday props. Enjoy your blog, daily. See you at parents weekend!