Thursday, January 18, 2007

Prairie Post Blog "Plug" and Latest Prospect News

First up, thanks to Prairie Post Editor Ryan Dahlman for writing his editorial this week about the different journalism mediums. He included some nice words about Keen's Korner in his article, and I quote "Hey Jon Keen, back at ya. A couple of people sent me his recent blog and I found it quite interesting and I agreed with him on many of his astute observations. The popular Swift Current radio personality was giving his impressions on how the Western Hockey League's trade deadline day progressed in regards to media coverage and gave a view of what the future may be for media."

He was referring to the "Trade Deadline Recap" post from a week ago. Thanks for the plug Ryan. If you want some help in setting up your own blog I'd be more than willing to help. Afterall, this "blog" medium is much more closely related to print media than broadcasting. Hence the bad grammar and spelling mistakes on my part.

Anyways, the Broncos have seen a good share of their prospects the last while with players Justin Dowling, Cody Eakin, Mike Brown, Kris Foucault, James Martin and David Greyeyes all taking in their first Broncos game action. Just think of the log jam at next year's training camp. Looking at the depth chart I counted about 11 defenseman and 16 forwards I would be comfortable with on next year's team. The Broncos have one of those "good problems" you hear about.

Time to look at some the prospect stock on the rise and fall.

1. Justin Dowling - F (16) - His two home game performances were more than the Broncos were hoping for. His solid contributions have raised his status on the Broncos depth chart.
2. Mike Brown - F (16) - Calgary forward made his Broncos debut in Calgary against the Hitmen. His strong performance will bode well for next year's camp.
3. Cody Eakin - F (15) - Played well in his Broncos debut. The highly touted prospect competed and played hard. Remember, he's only 15. It was good to see him on home ice. He's a smart kid who is a natural point producer.

1. Ian Curtis - Goaltender (16) - Once called "the best young Bronco prospect I've seen" by yours truly. The fact he's just been average in the BCHL concerns me. Word is he has a long way to go and is by no means a lock to make this team next year once Moir departs. Let's hope he gets it together.
2. Kris Foucault - F (16) - Will need to learn to compete harder every shift. Has to elevate his work ethic to the WHL level.

These players will be just fine and are still very much a part of the Broncos future. There were just my thoughts on their progress.

Broncos in Moose Jaw Friday night to battle the new look Warriors. Another killer weekend for the hockey club as they will depart after the game for Brandon to play the Wheat Kings. From there, they return home to host a ticked-off Calgary team Sunday night. Word is the pigeon problem in the Dome has been taken care off.

We're on the air Friday night at 6:30pm with the pre-game show, play-by-play at 7.

Have a great weekend,


ernie said...

I'm sure the guys will do fine, Jon. They've been working really hard to win the last two games. With a few back from injury and the Warriors struggling, who knows? We could see anything, but hopefully the guys kick butt. It'll be interesting to see who gets the call in goal...what'll Deano decide? Tough....I wouldn't know who to put in. Yonks has been incredible, but is Moissy our #1?? We'll see what Deano does, I guess. Anyway goodnight y'all, and of course, LET'S GO SWIFTY!!!

Anonymous said...

Sandbagger, eh? And it's 2nd in the 6th flight:) See you tonight Keener.

ernie said...

On the other hand, maybe they won't be fine. LOL I think they definitely did not bring their a-game to Moose Jaw. Goaltending? I dunno. I think Travis was jinxed. But, hopefully they come out flying in Brandon tomorrow.
We can't count on comebacks in the last minutes all the time. It's very VERY disappointing! Seems you don't know how the boys will show up sometimes. We've lost our last seven played against Saskatoon or Moose Jaw, the bottom teams in our division. That DOES NOT work, and the guys will find out shortly, if things don't turn around. But, there's always a tomorrow, and our record against Brandon shines, at three and zero. Hopefully we feed on that tomorrow.
Our division isn't stopping either! Regina won 3-2, as well Brandon looks to beat Spokane tonight, up 1-0 in the third....that's not healthy for us. So I guess good luck tomorrow boys, and whoever came to play tonight, congrats. Whoever did not, please step it up...I'm waiting....
G'night y'all! GO SWIFTY tomorrow!