Monday, September 07, 2009


Just dropping in for a quick update after spending the weekend in Regina....

You can attempt to follow how are guys are doing at NHL rookie camps. Follow Justin Dowling at Pittsburgh camp by clicking this link.

Geordie Wudrick is apparently recovering from appendicitis according to a couple of things I've been told. I'll track down the details on Tuesday. He was set to attend L.A. Kings camp.

Follow Kings camp here.

Cody Eakin is with the Capitals. They are underway. Read the latest with a click.

Finally, Morgan Clark is with the Canucks. If there is any news it will be here.

There's not much to report at this point as you might expect. I'll keep watching.


Hopefully young Jordan Evans will be ok. The 17 year-old defenseman was hit from behind Saturday night in Moose Jaw by over-ager Cody Smuk. The hit drew a major and a game misconduct. While I wasn't there, team staff described the hit as "ugly".

Evans never returned and could have suffered a concussion and possibly an upper body injury. More should be known on his status this week.

No word on a possible suspension. If there is a suspension I think it should apply to the regular season and not the pre-season. Smuk missing some pre-season games is irrelevant. Again, more should be known this week.

Apparently, video of the game wasn't available.

More tomorrow....




Anonymous said...

Geordie did have appendicitis the night befor he was to leave, he had the operation Friday to remove the appendix. Geordie missed the Kings camp is home recoving.

Anonymous said...

How long will Geordie be out about?