Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Robinson Running for Mayor???

***For all the regular readers, this is a non-hockey related post. We will return to the regularly scheduled program later today....***

(photo from swbooster.com)

(Above) There wasn't a microphone Don Robinson didn't find in the last month or two. If it was a pedestal, a podium, media gathering or facebook group, yes Don was there talking rats and criticizing Mayor Larson and City Council. The bigger the media outlet/reach the better!

Now, after vehemently denying he wasn't going to take a run at Swift Current's Mayor's chair and that his push wasn't politically motivated, yes the papers have been filed...Robinson is IN the mayor's race.

Angry Don called me several times after I speculated last month he was going to run for mayor when the civic election drew closer. He called me to say I didn't know what I was talking about and that he had no plans to run for mayor. Guess what?

We already have a flip-flop.

This is going to be one crazy month of civic politics!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely ridiculous! He's already put this city through hell, now he wants to be the mayor?

Anonymous said...

Jeez Keener even the "Sports Guys" can see through these "hacks". Any Rumours on the trade front, I guess you would have to keep your info and some times opinions close to the vest, for obvious reasons.

Jon Keen said...

I don't think there is much happening.

Anonymous said...

I really don't want to get into the political debate but I will discuss the rat problem. Between the first part of august and end of august, I saw many dead rats on the streets of Swift Current. I have seen none since the beginning of september.

There was an announcement by SC city hall on sept 3rd that 100 KGS of rat poison was being eaten over a period of two weeks. Do the math. The average 1 pound rat eats 3 ounces of food a day. It takes 5 rats to eat a pound. That would mean that aound 1200 rats a day were eating poison a day for 2 weeks. That is somewhere around 15000 dead rats over that period.

I don't give a rip who made the noise and I don't care if the noise was politically motivated or not. We had an infestation and now, it seems that we are working our way out of it. Kudos to whoever engaged and activated the city into action. If the national media had not gotten involved, who knows how many of those 15000 rats (and that is just over two weeks) would be living in basements and attics right now.

Anonymous said...

A vote for Don pretty much says "I hate Swift Current"

Anonymous said...

Robinson threw the city under the bus for his own political aspirations. I hope people realize this at the polls next month.

Jon Keen said...

sir/maam, I didn't post your comments because they were embarrassing to you, not me.

Anonymous said...

We all know your on Jerrod Shaffers campaign team dont kid yourself.