Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monday Morning!

It's going to be some kind of week as we get set for the season and home opener Friday night against the Moose Jaw Warriors.

Here's a quick roster/personnel update - Just Cody Eakin remains at an NHL camp as he cracke
d main camp with the Washington Capitals. His arrival isn't known but it's widely suspected he will be back for the season opener.

Over the weekend the Broncos re-assigned 16 year-old goaltender Austin Smith. The move leaves them three goaltenders (18 yr old Alex Sirard, 18 year-old Chad Ketting and 19 year-old Morgan Clark) Clark is fresh off attending Vancouver Canucks camp.

The Broncos will look to pare down the roster further heading into the season opener.


Speaking of Eakin (above)... talk about a dream come true for the kid.

Eaks, who lists his favorite NHL'er as Alex Ovechkin of the Capitals is playing on the same training camp team as Ovie. The two are on the Caps Team "A" at main camp. No doubt he will have some stories to tell when he gets back.


What a week to prepare for Friday night. We have the guys coming in tomorrow for their Monday Night Football style Armstrong Implements starting lineups for our broadcast. They are the intros you hear right before face-off.

Last week Cody Eakin, Taylor Vause, Geordie Wudrick and Justin Dowling came in to help with o
ur 1st period intro. They did a GREAT job. I'm pretty excited about how it's going to sound. I'll post the intro prior to Friday's game. It's coming together nicely


WHL This Week Radio Edition should be up and running by Wednesday afternoon. The show will include a state of the union address from WHL Commisioner Ron Robison. There is a A LOT to be excited about this season for WHL fans Including the Memorial Cup in Brandon and the World Juniors in Saskatchewan.

GM/Head Coach Marc Habscheid of the Chilliwack Bruins and hopefully Brandon Head Coach/GM Kelly McCrimmon will join us too.


The busy week will all lead into my "super sports weekend" as I've been calling it. Broncos/Warriors Friday night, Flames/Islanders Saturday in Saskatoon and then Riders/Eskimos Sunday afternoon in Regina.

I've heard the NHL tickets in Saskatoon are tough to track down....what's the word out there?


What a Riders game yesterday. It was fun just to know the game was out of reach in the third quarter...not too often as Rider fans can you relax over the course of a game. It certainly was a Banjo Bowl beatdown.

The Bombers have some issues to deal with.

But as the saying goes, as a Rider fan you can never get to high after a win and never too low after a loss...too bad it's what we're famous for.

I actually stopped watching the game and decided to go on with my Sunday afternoon.

TSN's Chris Cuthbert and Glen Suitor are WITHOUT DOUBT, the best 1-2 punch in football. They do a great job. As a member of the media I often find myself with a more critical eye but these guys are good. Hats off.

Now, TSN... since the Riders are your biggest audience draw, can we have them for every game?


By the way, someone who won't be playing in the Friday season opener? The Warriors Cody Smuk got three games for his dangerous his on Broncos D Jordan Evans in Moose Jaw last weekend. The suspension will keep him out of the regular season opener.

The hit may keep Evans out of the game for Friday night... we will see how the week goes.

Ok, time to get down to work....

Enjoy the week,



Tyler said...

So Clarke is back from Canucks camp. Tassone is still rehabing his shoulder surgeries, Evans is still out from hit from warriors player, and Wudrick still out with apendecitis? What about Muench?

Jon Keen said...

day-to-day at this point

Anonymous said...

Jon, are the Broncos going to try to get Linden Rowat?

Jon Keen said...

No I wouldn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Considering that Rowat is a 20 yr old i don't see them having any interest. I would guess there would be more interest in a guy like Jacob DeSerres who has been relegated to the back-up role. With all of that said, after watching Sirad, i have a lot of faith in his abilities.

Tyler said...

I honestly like the look of our team. Some good young talent that could make some noise but the one area of concern is toughness. Are we going to be a team that'll be easily pushed around this year? I'm thinking perhaps on defense side of things. Upfront, when Wudrick returns and the possibilities of what Muench can do in the offensive end of the rink makes for some good options. Tassone is the man I'm really hoping is able to play this year. I like the possibility of him being so eager/aggressive to play after being out for a while. Will he be an effective player, I'm thinking he will be.

Ryan said...

I have tickets for Sat's game for sale.

Tyler said...

1) Will Eakin be in Swift Current for the season opener?

2) Will Wudrick, Evans, or Muench be playing on Friday? Correct me if I'm wrong but is Wudrick going to be out for a while?

3) I'm saying all this as I heard roster moves will be made this week. More than just gettting down to one goalie? I'm getting a little excited for the season to start.


Jon Keen said...

1) Undetermined.

2) All three skated at practice today