Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Update

Lots to talk about this morning... let's dive right into some WHL.....

- What an awesome Saturday. The Riders completed the win in Edmonton just as we went to air for the Broncos game on the Eagle. The Broncos then took over and put on a Harlem Globetrotters like effort against the Hurricanes. Six of their seven goals may make the year end video in the Broncos 7-2 win.

I'm not sure what goal I liked the best from Saturday. Was it Eakin's first of the night on the touch pass from Wudrick when he finished on the back-hand on a helpless Ville Kolppanen?

Perhaps it was Justin Dowling and Micheal Stickland's nice passing play on the 3rd goal?

Actually, my pick was Cody Eakin's 2nd goal of the game in the third period after the behind the back pass from Justin Dowling. WHL Plays of the Week perhaps? Are they still doing that this year?


Lethbridge may be winless at 0-4 but they are close. Acquiring G Linden Rowat will help their case. They have some top end talent. Their first line is skilled with Radim Valchar, Carter Bancks and Carter Ashton.

They have a tough eight game road trip to begin the season and play in Vancouver Wednesday to begin four games out west.

Two years ago the Broncos started with eight straight on the road and went an impressive 5-2-0-1 in that stretch.


So far so good for G Morgan Clark. Clark was stellar for a 2nd straight start in the Broncos goal and is answering some questions many had entering the season. He's looked sharp, there's no doubt.


A wise WHL General Manager made a good point the other day. He said it's a great time to be rebuilding team in the Western Conference this year. Almost every night the end result will be up for grabs and a young team could go through some growing pains yet still make the playoffs.

That isn't the case on our side though. I'm thinking a team will have to put up 72-75 points in the East if they want to make the post-season this year.


The Pats get Jordan Eberle back from Edmonton. Will he make a difference in the Queen City? In a word, yes. Expect the Pats to throw the "C" on him for Wednesday's game in Prince Albert. The Broncos play in Regina Friday night in their next contest.

Eberle is a player you can't help but cheer for. He's top shelf on and off the ice.

I'm sure he's very disappointed he didn't stick with the Oilers this season. Don't expect his disappointment to be played out on the ice though.


You may have saw me up in the Buffalo Brew Pub Broadcast Saturday night holding my laptop to my ear during the pre-game show.

With a taped interview featuring Joe Sakic playing in our pre-game show, I was trying to catch the last minute of the Rider game via's webcast.

It was loud in the i-plex with warm-up underway. My only option was to hold my laptop speaker to my ear...maybe next time I'll bring headphones.

F Hurricane's broadcaster Pat Siedlecki (Foam Lake, SK native) had the game going on his laptop too. We shared a fist pump on the Riders final defensive stop.


Thanks to Terry Pavely filling in for Tim Tisdale on Saturday's broadcast. We've had four broadcast's this season and three different color commentators. Ryan Switzer opening night, Keegan Goodrich for a pair on the road and Terry Saturday night.

Tizzy is due back from vacation eventually.... shoot my a text Tiz, where are you?


Thanks to Brad Gurski for hosting a group of us from the radio station for a private Joey's Only Seafood meal last night. Brad is the new owner of the of restaurant chain locally. He had a special dinner for some guests as a "dry run" for his staff.

Brad stopped by to tell us he listens to the "Breakfast Boys" every morning.

I had the grilled salmon by the way....excellent. Thanks Brad.

By the way, they open for real this morning at 11am. Go check them out. Same location as before on the South Service Road behind 7-11.

Ok, back to work! Have a great week.


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Switzer said...

Keep me posted if you need a color guy. Would've loved to on Saturday, but I was PA announcing. Were the goal calls quick enough?