Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tigers 3 Broncos 2 - SO

Wasn't at the game in the Hat tonight but had my "junior sports reporter" T.P. there and he gave me this report.

The Broncos fell 3-2 in a shootout.  

Broncos - 
Hoban - back hand - no goal, 
Dowling - shot low blocker - goal, 
Vause - no goal, 
Stickland - back-hand - no goal

Valk - goal
Etem - no goal
Okal - no goal
Cameron - goal

The Broncos were outshot 24-22 in this one.  They led 2-1 until Medicine Hat tied it with six minutes to play.

Alex Sirard was sharp for the Broncos in goal while Tyler Bunz played well for the Tigers including a game saving stop on a Broncos 2-on-1 in overtime.

The Broncos fall to 1-4-0-1 to conclude the pre-season.



Anonymous said...

good effort on the coverage. you're brutal.

Jon Keen said...

Simmer down, it's the pre-season. I checked your blog today, it didn't have either ;)

Anonymous said...

What an idiotic thing to say. Who are these losers Keener????

Jon Keen said...

Anonymous wannabees. Comes with the territory

Anonymous said...

my blog? i'm not sure who you think i am but i don't have a blog. i'm just a 30 year fan of the broncos who's looking for any info i can on my hometown team and that post from yesterday's game was inadequate in my opinion.

Jon Keen said...

Uggh, that fact you don't have a blog was my point...nevermind.

So I should give up my entire Saturday for a pre-season non-radio game in Medicine Hat just so I can blog a few extra notes? And, not doing that makes me "brutal"?

All that just so I can make an anonymous pot-shot taker happy?

I guess broadcasting the last 480 consecutive regular season and playoff games just isn't enough.

Jon Keen said...

Nice try,

Im not even going to post the last one, for your own good.

Thanks for the extra hits. For saying you hate it so much you sure visit alot. 15 hits this aft from your IP: 71.17.116.# (SaskTel)

Wanna keep playing?

Anonymous said...

Jon, you aren't following your own advice.

"don't feed the *******"



Jon Keen said...

Good point.

Tyler said...

Rather than posting Anonymous, as I post regularly...after reading these last few, I think it's only fair for Mr. Keen (I put in the Mr. as a sign of respect) to at least know who is posting. You're the first blog I go to on any Bronco news. Thanks Keen for a job well done.

Jon Keen said...

Thanks for being a regular poster tyler