Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Broncos New Look and Renovated Dressing Room Tour

More pics from today's jersey unveiling and media dressing room tour....

Eric Doyle in the whites

Derek Claffey & Eric Doyle modelling the new look Reebok Edge jerseys

Claffey in black

Local media and a handful of season ticket holders check out the newly renovated dressing room
Assistant Coach Tim Kehler in the dressing room coaches office

T.K. leads the tour

one of the equipment rooms

Trainer's room with cold and hot tubs

A table you don't want to be on too often

Hang-up area

New shower room

Soon to be completed excercise room 


Tyler said...

Looks pretty sweet. Good picks Keen!!

Switzer said...

Under armour shirt with a shirt under it and cargo shorts to host a tour? Remind me of this look next time Tim Kehler disses my fashion choices.