Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Update

Here's some quotes and audio transcripts as the Broncos prepare for their season opener against the Moose Jaw Warriors tomorrow night at the Credit Union i-plex.

D Eric Doyle on his fifth career "season opener".....

"Obviously it's a bit different than when I was 16 (in Everett) and playing my first game in the league. I was tentative and I think I actually threw-up before the game I was so nervous. Now, I'm used to the pace of the game, pace of the league and I think I can help lead some of these young guys and help guide them along the way."

D Eric Doyle on what he expects out of Moose Jaw in the season opener....

"I think they're still a little pissed-off about finishing last (last season). I think they have something to prove. I think it will be a hard-fought game. There won't be any easy points against them this year."

Assistant Coach Tim Kehler on a younger blue-line featuring two 16 year-olds in Reece Scarlett and Graeme Craig.....

"There are going to be some growing pain with those guys but the other side of it is as 16 year-old players, I think the progress we are going to be able to watch and evaluate as the year goes on will really be in leaps and bounds. I think they are tremendous athletes. It should be pretty exciting both from a coaching standpoint and from a fan standpoint to watch the development of these kids."


We are awaiting word on F Cody Eakin's potential return to the Broncos at some point today. Eakin remains with the Capitals in D.C. More should be known this evening.


Bronco parents be aware!

Another season of Homegrown Heroes is set. That means I will be contacting you for some stories and thoughts as your son either begins or continues there hockey career with the Broncos. The feature plays every game in the 2nd intermission.

Last night I had a good chat with both Aileen Wagner (Dillon) and Glen Dowling (Justin).


More later today,


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