Thursday, January 22, 2009

World Curling's First Choice Was Medicine Hat

Big story out of Medicine Hat regarding the 2010 Ford World Curling Championships.

The event, which will be hosted out of Swift Current in March of 2010 initially was going to Medicine Hat - until the Tigers blocked it from coming

They stopped it for the same concerns the Broncos have/had, that it would remove them from the building for the 1st round of playoffs.

The Medicine Hat News did a big story on it. Unfortunately, there isn't an online link available. I saw the CHAT TV story out of the 'Hat on it today, but no link.

I'll post it when I get it.

Now, what happens next year if the Broncos and Tigers meet in the opening round of the playoffs?

It's interesting stuff.



TCN said...

"Sour grapes: SC won World bid outright"

Anonymous said...

You ought to get your facts straight Keen. Clearly contacting the Worlds Curling Federation would have been the obvious first step as a "reporter" of the news.

Do you have any training?

Jon Keen said...

Hey, it's not my story smart guy I'm simply linking a CHAT TV story from my blog.

Figure it out. Maybe this whole internet thing is new to you?