Sunday, January 18, 2009


Apparently the streaming for Bronco broadcasts is still not working for some.

If it has worked for you this weekend, drop me a comment and what browser you were using. If it didn't work, please let me know as well.

We will do some testing this week.

I used the link and everything was working fine for the Fri/Sat games.




Anonymous said...

Worked for me. Firefox.

O said...

On 2 computers I get nothing but white page when I click on link on Bronco webpage and mediaplayer tells me it can not connect on my bookmarked link. I use IE on both XP and Vista Premium. There use to be a link on the old whl site but I couldn't find it on new one.

Jon Keen said...

Maybe the bookmark is the old link perhaps?

I'm by no means a computer guy. Good luck

O said...

That's kind of what I thought but I can't get a new one because the link on Bronco site comes up blank for me and the Eagle doesn't have one any more. I'm stumped.

O said...

Thats what I thought but I can't get new links from anywhere. Use to be a link on Eagle webpage but no longer there.