Sunday, January 25, 2009

Broncos/Raiders and Personal Thoughts

I admit I'm a little upset this morning at some of the things I've been reading/hearing from Bronco "fans".

Some of these anonymous message boarders are getting a little scathing and carried away at this team's recent run.

Some of these posters don't even live in our city and maybe see the club twice a year... yet that makes them an expert on coaching, line combos, trades, and what food the club should have in the concession stands?

This team is playing hard, and is in the midst of it's toughest part of the schedule.

The Broncos have played the two hottest teams in the WHL right now in back to back home games. They had the Wheat Kings on the ropes but couldn't finish, they battled the league's best road team tooth and nail Friday night in the Saskatoon Blades and just came up short.

They are playing well enough to win, but not getting the results.

Last year at this time the club was in the midst of winning 10 straight games. The breaks they were getting then are the same breaks that are going the other way now. I've noticed over the years these things have a way of evening out.

Reason to panic? Not by a long shot.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but when that opinion is an unfounded rant based more on a personal attack than I think it's wrong.

Some people just like to watch it burn.

These people shouldn't be taken seriously.


It's a big one tonight though.

The Broncos welcome the Prince Albert Raiders to the Credit Union i-plex to wrap up the weekend.

The Raiders will be playing their third game in as many nights and are coming off a 4-3 win in Moose Jaw despite being outshot 38-22 in the contest.

The win was big for the Raiders who lost a home ice battle Friday night to the Edmonton Oil KIngs 4-1.

The Broncos have slipped to 6th after being idle Saturday night. They have to get it going and it has to start tonight.

We're on the air at 6:30pm with the pre-game show, 7pm play-by-play.


It was a treat to do the Shaw TV game last night in Saskatoon. TV isn't my thing and having your eyes glued to a replay monitor was something I had to get used to.

The Shaw crew were professionals all the way and took the time to answer my questions. By the 2nd period I was having fun and was almost disappointed when the game was over.

Thanks to Wray, Tara, Dave and everyone in the truck for their help last night.

At times you would see something behind the play, contact the truck to see if they had a shot of it. Within seconds it was cued up and ready to roll on the next whistle. Impressive.

Also, thanks to Mooner in Red Deer who has done a ton of games for Shaw. He sent me a nice note before the game. Class act.

Have a good Sunday....


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