Monday, January 19, 2009


Finally a chance to blog after a hectic Monday...

The Broncos had their annual team pictures today as they took the classic group photo and then some fun and unique individual shots.

Christian from Shaw and myself were down to tape our weekly show The Inside Edge while the cameras were clicking.

Work in a phone call to the WHL office for show content for the WHL This Week and not to mention the 6-9am Eagle morning show and the Monday morning sports run on four different radio stations... I'm happy today is over.

It isn't hard work by any means... I've done hard work. Radio isn't hard. Don't let anyone ever convince you it is. Stressful yes, and lots of hours at times, but hard? No.

I always wonder why people leave this business because they think the grass is greener. Nine times out of ten they're back on the station's doorstep looking to get their old gig back.

The pay could be better. But, it is what you make it.

I digress.

I have a friend in town who scouts for the New York Islanders. We met at the NHL draft in Carolina back in 2004 when he was working for Red Line. Good guy. He's in town and was supposed to give me a buzz tonight. I didn't hear from him so I thought I would take care of the blog before tomorrow's gameday got busy.

The Broncos host the Brandon Wheat Kings Tuesday night in the 5th meeting of the season. The Broncos always seem to see Brandon's best games. They play well against the Broncos and rarely take a period off.

They are well coached and might have the best top three lines in the conference. The Broncos are also 0-4 against this season and quite frankly are getting sick of just falling short.

When you think Wheat Kings, you think offense. But against the Broncos it hasn't been the Wheaties' meal ticket. They've done it with strong defense and stellar goaltending. In their last two visits, James Priestner and Andrew Hayes have been nothing short of amazing in a 2-1 and 5-1 victories.

There's a belief the Wheat Kings aren't very deep on the back-end after Aulie/Robak. In my experiences it hasn't been the case. Players like Erb, Bestland, and Melnychuk have played well against the Broncos. Melnychuk is one of the most improved defenseman year-over-year in the WHL in my opinion.

The Wheat Kings have points in 13 straight games (11-0-2-0) and if not for a relentless Saskatoon Blades squad, would be leading the division.

As for the Broncos, the acquisition of John Negrin and Michael Stickland gives the team a top six forward group and top four defensive unit comparable with anyone in the league right now.

Broncos fans are going to like what they see from Negrin tomorrow night. He's worth the Tuesday night ticket.

In fact, it will be our fans first look at the four new players acquired at the trade deadline. I don't think fans will see G Morgan Clark though... unless they get their in time for warm-up. I'm thinking Travis Yonkman will get the start against a potent Brandon club.

We're on the air tomorrow night at 7pm with the pre-game show, 7:30pm play-by-play.


On a side note, I've been asked by Shaw TV to help out with their Saturday night broadcast in Saskatoon when the Blades host the Edmonton Oil Kings. I'll be doing the color commentary for Wray Morrison.

Although my TV experience is minimal, I'm excited for it. I wonder how far down the depth chart they had to go before they called me?

It's been cleared by my employer GWR and it just happens to fit into the Broncos schedule.

More tomorrow if I find the time....



Ryan Tunall said...

Dude you can't be telling people radio isn't hard work. I'm pretty sure I almost have my wife convinced otherwise!!

Jon Keen said...

You better keep her off of here... sorry brother.

behmer said...

Keener congrats on your gig with shaw. Well deserved. Big one at the i-plex tonight. Go Broncos

Jon Keen said...

Thanks garney. They need this one tonight.

Anonymous said...

On television...that is trouble.....what is the classic line.....YOU HAVE A FACE FOR RADIO!!!haha.......Keep up the great work! The sports coverage in town is excellent!

Drew said...

Enjoy reading the blog. Just to let you know, the grass is much greener on this side. I guess I'm the exception to your rule. Enjoy the rest of the year.

Jon Keen said...

Good to hear Drew. I said 9 out 10. You're in that 10 percentile I guess.

Stop by the booth one of these nights.

JR WW said...

Doesn't matter how far down the depth chart you were/are. It's what you do with the opportunity, and I'm sure you'll do a great job!