Friday, January 16, 2009

TSN Write up on Eakin

Cody Eakin's draft stock is on the rise in this piece.

It's funny how the author talks about it being tough to get noticed in the CHL's smallest market. Apparently he forgot to mention the Broncos (along with Kelowna) had the most players drafted at last year's NHL Draft in Ottawa with four.

It seems to me like they're finding our players just fine.

But... what do you expect.


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Anonymous said...

No kidding. The bottom line is that Eakin never got mentioned because most of the media in the east looks only at numbers and postal codes. Eakin's value to his team is immeasurable. I remember watching a game last year and him not making a single mistake - as a 16 year old. The kid is the real deal and is completely legit in every phase of the game. I believe he is a superstar in the making.