Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wow... Broncos Sent Packing Next Post Season

Just put two and two together here...

The Broncos will be forced out of their building for the 1st round of playoffs next season because of the 2010 Ford World Women's Curling Championships March 20-29th.

At first, it wasn't initially brought forward at today's media conference the event would be held in the Hockey Rink...not the new Curling Facility as originally thought.

It was an out-of-town delegate from the Canadian Curling Association who told me the plans after the initial news conference. It was just assumed the new facility would host the International event, not the hockey rink at th Credit Union I-plex.

So, why did we get this new curling facility if it can't host events like this?

This is about to blow up I'm thinking. Granted, the Broncos still need to make the playoffs next season for this to really take flight but when you look at the potential scenario, this could be a devastating blow to the hockey club for a couple of major reasons:

1) Home ice advantage wouldn't exist
2) The Broncos opportunity to generate post-season revenue would almost certainly be chopped at least in half if not more.

You would think the City would have to compensate the Broncos financially for this and talks are presumubly underway.

So, the big question is where would the Broncos host their "home" playoff games? Three potential scenarios here:

1) A WHL non-playoff market. A Moose Jaw, Medicine Hat, and perhaps Regina although this isn't an easy proposition to host a playoff game in another market. It would need approval from that team, and the facility. As mentioned, that team would also need to miss the playoffs in order to be a potential destination.

2) A WHL approved neutral site. The league would take the opportunity to test-drive a potential WHL market, ie. Victoria perhaps?

3) All the playoff games in the first round would be played in the Broncos' opposition rink.

Personally I don't like any of the options. How do you think the Broncos feel?

Sound off time. What do you think? This story is only going to get bigger but will really take off next season.



O said...

BOOO! This really sucks. Although it is great exposure for Swift, it hurts the Broncos BIG time. Financially especially. How many fans are going to travel very far to watch? Once again the fans are going to lose out. Enough already, how much do we have to endure? How many curling fans are there in Swift, really? And why do hockey fans always have to pay to support them?

Anonymous said...

What a joke this is. Just when I thought that Swift Current was more sensible than Moose Jaw!

Anonymous said...

This is a great opportunity for the business community of Swift Current. it will generate more money that week for manybusinesses than the Broncos will generate for some businesses in a lifetime. Does it suck for the Broncos and us fans...YES!! But we need to look at the big picture. Let's get real Jon...did you really think the World Curling event would take place in a facility without seats.....and even with temporary seats maybe only a thousand fans would fit. I am sure the Broncos were aware of this possibility and remember---they are not the only tenant for the iplex. Our community will be the feature of television broadcasts, maybe attracting future businesses and tourism. We need to look at the big picture...yes we all feel for the Broncos but they are not the BE ALL END ALL --- let's have some positive comments for a sports reporter about the enormity of our little community hosting such a big event. By the way ...I HATE CURLING...just hope there are some hotties.

Anonymous said...

This is a WORLD (one time) event! Its an excellent opportunity for Swift Current, no matter how little curling is important compared to hockey here.

Anonymous said...

I think the Broncos first attitude should be shelved because of the economic impact this event will provide. Don't the Broncos receive all of the concession sales for an event like this? Hmmm curling fans at the rink all day, sounds like some good money to me no matter how far the Broncos go in the playoffs... Regardless oh my god the team may have to think about the future attitude is ridiculous, the Brandon Wheat Kings are always faced with the prospect of the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair EVERY SEASON, god forbid a World Championship show up in Swift Current for one season... Send them home those people from all over the world who may find out that Swift Current is one of the most beautiful places in Canada. The Broncos have to make the playoffs next season and would be dislocated for two home games at most. The WHL is given a schedule of unavailable dates and might even work around the dates... RELAX you are not still debating whether or not you should build a new rink a-la Moose Jaw. BTW Curling fans spend a hell of a lot more money at concessions than hockey fans do.

Suck it up Swift or we will tell the world to go home...

Anonymous said...

It doesn't really sound like the city was all that considerate of their main tenant.

Granted, other cities have overcome issues like this... Brandon and their Royal Winter Fair, and for many years the Tigers were kicked out of The Arena in the first round because of a rodeo.

Life will go on, but like I said this won't exactly help the relationship between the city and their main leasee.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about the Broncos, this is what is best for the city of Swift Current and the last time I checked it was those taxpayers who are paying for that rink.

It is somewhat ironic that the improved facility that the Broncos pushed so hard for is now working against them. The City did the Broncos a major solid by renovating the iplex now the Broncos have to make sacrifices as well.

Anonymous said...

Are you implying that when I drive to Swift Current once or more a week for most of the winter to Bronco games shop in your stores buy gas and eat in your restaurants that it is of less value to your community than a 10 day winfall

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the Broncos get profits from concessions? And the difference in the Brandon situation is they can go to Winnipeg. How far is that? A little shorter then Victoria. Medicine Hat rodeo is a weekend, not a week. I know it's big for Swift, but it hurts the Broncos big time and they are the main tenants and are there for years (I hope). Hopefully something can be worked out.

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a great thing for Swift - yup, the Broncos get their style cramped for a bit - but like others have said - this is old hat for a few teams. Not only that, but we are talking an international event here! When we will ever get something like this again? Probably never. That plus the fact that many things change in a year, I don't think this is a big deal - there are so many variables here that I don't think we can say definitively "this is good" or "this is bad". The upsides are huge for the rest of the city - let's consider them as well - Broncos are a great thing for the city, but so is an international sporting event.

Anonymous said...

Worry about making the playoffs first. If the Broncos fail to make the playoffs, all the whining is for not!!

Anonymous said...

I, who am a regular supporter of the SC Broncos, am terribly disappointed in the attitude that is being conveyed through their "spokespersons". While the organization has not publically announced their displeasure over this latest news, it does make one wonder if these are their feelings being conveyed through their most vocal and public supporters. Let's move ahead to November 26th and the ADT Cup. This event has displace the SC Skating Club, SC Minor Hockey Association, the No Hit League and the Rec League teams, to name a few, for the ENTIRE week. Just wondering if there was consideration from the Broncos as to the inconvenience that this would be to literally hundreds of others in the City, including coaches, players and skaters for this one-game event? This World Curling event is a wonderful opportunity for our City, whether you are a curling fan or not. It is also awesome for our taxpayers, who have put out MILLIONS of dollars for the i-plex expansion, to be able to reap some of the rewards including hosting an event of this magnitude. Olympic Champions playing in our home! Welcome, World's!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't think there is much support for curling in this city.

That is evident any time they host an event. It gets zero support outside of the curling club. Don't take it from me, ask them. They are disapointed in the lack of enthusiasm to say the least.

Now, we are taking a GIANT step to host a World event when it's proven there is zero support even for a provincial bonspiel.

The event will be a bust from a fan support standpoint. The Broncos, who could draw in upwards of 3000 people if they get the right opponent are being left out in the cold.

When March 30th rolls around, the Broncos will still be there. However the World Curling folks will have departed raping and pillaging on their way out of town.

Then what?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many world events the city has been able to host in the last 50 years. One chance comes around in 2010 and people are saying no not in favour because of the broncos. The broncos get everything from the city and the the taxpayers who DO NOT even support the team have to bone up their tax dollars to help them. It IS TIME THE BRONCOS AND KEENE QUIT WHINING ABOUT TWO GAMES AND GIVE SOMETHING BACK TO THEIR COMMUNITY RATHER THAN KEEP GRABBING TAX DOLLARS TO SATISFY THEIR HOCKEY PLEASURE. This is a chance to put the coty on the international map and give some other people exposure. Start planning for the event in a positive manner rather than complaining and it will probably all work out. If the broncos want to spend money to play in victoria go ahead, fan bus will be empty. Compensation for travel shoul;d be limited to 200k's.
I am sure broncos could play in a venue closer to home if they actually try to work something out.

Jon Keen said...

Um, I'm not against the event. It will be the biggest event the city has hosted for quite some time. I just think the timing could be better that's all.

I'm all for this event and plan to volunteer on the media side of things unless it gets in the way with Bronco playoff hockey broadcasts or being away with the team.

Anonymous said...

I am somewhat split between the 2 situations. Yes I enjoy going to Bronco games as much as the person sitting beside me does, as for curling, it's not bad but if I was givin the choice, it would be hockey all the way. I know that having the chance to host an event as big as the womens world curling championship is HUGE and a the city would not have another chance like this one in many years to come. I think that the city has maybe "Bit off more than they can chew." Not only will the hockey rink side have to be transformed into a curling rink but, what about accommodations for all the athletes and media personnel, etc. Sure we have the Best Western and Comfort Inn and other hotels/motels but will there be enough rooms for all the people that are going to be in attendance? Another thing the city has to think about is how are all these people from around the world going to get to and from the rink? The taxi services will be running constantly during that time period. Anyway the city has A LOT of things to think about in regards to hosting an event of such high status.
Moving onto the hockey side of things, if the Broncos make the playoffs, and they most likely will if they keep playing like they are, how many people will take the time out of their busy lives to drive to Moose Jaw, Regina, or Med Hat? And what if all thoose teams make the playoffs as well; the next closest facility would then be Saskatoon or Prince Albert, all provided that those hockey clubs will allow us to play in their arena. If the Broncos are "kicked out" of "their" rink just think about how much that will hurt their financial situation. Look at last years playoff run and how much revenue that generated for the club. Without "true" home playoff games that revenue will not be there for the next season.
Anyway all in all yes the curling event is good to get the cities name out there and help promote Swift Current, but it also has some consequences that most (if not all Bronco fans) are upset about.

Anonymous said...

The money only got put into the I-Plex because of the broncos. Without them, nothing would have happened to the building in the first place. I think they should be upset & the City should have communicated with them more. just another example that the City of SC is a joke of an organization