Thursday, November 13, 2008

Canada / Russia Game Two Weeks Away

Let's start today's post with a simple message to the WHL / Hockey Canada:

Adding Eric Doyle to Team WHL for the Canada / Russia ADT Challenge needs to happen.

He not only deserves it but the lack of local flavour has created a lack of buzz about the game.

In Swift Current, there is a little bit of noise, but not as much as I expected being two weeks away from the event. Don't know what the status is in Prince Albert but something needs to be done to create a little excitement.

Eric's numbers and play on the ice speak for themselves.

Let's hope the right decision is made.


Just a heads up, the Eagle 94.1 FM will carry that game on the air November 26th as Team WHL takes on the Russian Selects. Right now the only Russian I know is Nikolay Volkov and his pet russian bear from the old WWF days.

Seriously, last year's russian roster included names like Nikolay Lukjanchikov , Marat Fakhrutdinov, and Yacheslav Solodukhin. Yup, I'm in big trouble.

The broadcast team that night will include myself, Tim Tisdale and a Russian translator if we're lucky. It's gonna be a blast. I'm looking forward to it.


I'll have a preview of the Broncos / Everett Silvertips match-up later tonight or tomorrow morning.

The last game between the teams featured a 3-1 Broncos win in Everett last December. The last time the 'Tips were in town they skated circles around the Broncos and won 6 Hoo-rahs to none in the 06/07 season. The game also featured the ejection of 'Tips Head Coach Kevin Constantine with his team up six goals in the third period. Seriously. It happened.

Broncos defenseman Eric Doyle and newly acquired Matt Ius will also sqaure off against their former team. I asked Ius about the "Kyle Beach Show" that accompanies the Silvertips. He had some interesting thoughts. I'll post them later.


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