Friday, November 28, 2008

Calgary 9 Broncos 7

Where to start?

I'm thinking a lot of Bronco fans caught tonight's game on Shaw TV so there is video evidence this game actually played out the way it did. A game that will go down as one of the wildest contests I've seen over the years as the Broncos play-by-play broadcaster.

The Broncos scored a season high seven goals. Problem is, they gave up a season high nine.

Bottom line, if you score seven times against the #3 ranked team in the nation you better win. It didn't happen as the Broncos surrendered the lead on four separate occasions to lose their 4th straight game away from home ice.

When was the last time the Broncos gave up nine goals? It might take me awhile to track that down. When was the last time Calgary gave up seven goals on home ice?

Here's some "believe it or not" post-game notes.

- Hitmen goaltenders went 31 minutes without making a save. Goaltenders Martin Jones, and Michael Snider gave up four goals on four consecutive shots spanning from late in the first period to early in the third. The Broncos scored on all three 2nd period shots.

- The Hitmen went 4 for 5 on the powerplay. Even the PP they didn't score on was in effect a PP goal as the penalized Bronco Justin Dowling wasn't back into the play yet as he came out of the box.

- The night was so strange even Broncos D Derek Claffey scored his first goal in two years. A powerplay marker on a big blast from the left point.

- The Broncos were the last team to score a shorthanded goal in the WHL. It came tonight courtesy a beautiful behind the goal line tuck by Matt Tassone.

- The Broncos and Hitmen had given up the fewest goals in the Eastern Conference heading into tonight's game.

- The Broncos have scored a combined 12 goals in their last two road games but haven't won.

- Broncos forward Taylor Vause had 375 tickets tonight for friends and family. Yes 375, He gave the contingent something to cheer about with a 2nd period breakaway goal.

- The Broncos finished the night with seven goals on 14 shots. Calgary scored eight times on 33 shots before their empty netter in the final minute. Who needs save percentage anyways....

- The Broncos and Calgary have played some real doozeys in Calgary over the years. There have been some outright wild and wacky ones. This one is probably at the top.

The "Pigeon Power" comeback win a couple years ago would give it a good run for it's money though.

- Raging Ramada. Both the Broncos and Moose Jaw Warriors suffered losses tonight. Both are sharing the same Red Deer hotel this weekend.

- Former Bronco Kyle Bortis came up to me tonight and offered a "Happy Birthday" about 90 minutes prior to face-off. He then collected a four point night and might have been the Hitmen's best player tonight. Thanks Borty.

- Hitmen Head Coach Dave Lowry was a pre-game show guest. His son Adam is a Bronco bantam pick from this past summer.

"He wears the t-shirt and hat around the house all the time," Lowry said. " I keep threatening him I'm going to take the shirt and cut-out the crest," he added with a laugh.

He also congratulated me on my "Eric Doyle to the ADT Challenge campaign". I don't know if congratulations are in order. The plan was to get him to play in front of our fans, not the fans in Prince Albert.

That's enough blogging under a veil of darkness on the bus as we head North to Red Deer. More tomorrow....


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