Friday, November 21, 2008

Broncos Host Pats / City Defends World Curling Event

The Swift Current Broncos welcome the Regina Pats tonight in their first meeting at the Credit Union I-plex since last spring's first round playoff series.

The Broncos snapped a five game losing skid Wednesday with a 3-2 win over visiting Seattle. The Pats come in after a 2-0 win against Spokane. This is the first of eight straight games on the road as they vacate their building for the annual Western Canadian Agribition.

It's Pack the 'Plex night with a sell-out crowd expected for the battle.

The Broncos will limp into this contest with as many as six regulars out of the line-up because of injury.

Broncos D Jesse Dudas is expected to be back with the team today although he's still 1-2 weeks from playing coming off his MCL knee injury.

Face-off at 7:30pm, action on the Eagle 94.1 FM begins at 7pm with our pre-game show.


Here's a story I put together for our affiliate regarding the City's stance on the scheduling conflict re: Broncos/2010 Ford World Womens Curling Championships:

The 2010 Ford World Women's Curling Championships set for March 20-29, 2010 for the Credit Union I-plex will send the Swift Current Broncos packing for the 1st round of WHL playoffs next season.

Up to four home playoff games will need to be played in another WHL market to make room for the Championships.

The Broncos have publicly voiced their displeasure with the timing of the event, now the City is responding. Parks and Recreation Manager Dean Robson is hoping to work something out but admits the event was too big to pass up.

"If we can't cater to numerous gatherings, organizations and sporting events then I guess we shouldn't be spending 15 million dollars (for renovations). In the initial report it was renovated and expanded to showcase our city and identify Swift Current as a destination point. The Broncos are our most high profile tenant and they are and have been huge partners. Right now it's darned if you do and darned if you don't."

"If you were going to host a world event and the people of Swift Current and southwest Saskatchewan said oh you didn't and why didn't you? (We would have responded) Well we might lose the first round of playoffs for the Broncos and that's important. I wonder how many people would have responded with boy you guys are crazy (not to host the event). Having said that, partners work it out. We're assuming we can work it out between the Broncos and the WHL and try to find a fit that is best for everybody."


Chairman of the Broncos Board of Directors Joe Arling will join me tonight on the Broncos pre-game show for his thoughts on the matter.

See you at the rink tonight...



Anonymous said...

Whoever was doing the play by play of the Pats Broncos game last night had players numbers mixed up. A few times they commented on Delahey uncharacteristically giving up the puck for the first goal. He wasn't even on the ice. It wasn't Delahey you were seeing. He wears #44 not #4. They had the numbers mixed up. It must be difficult to call a game but would be nice if they actually knew who wore what number.

Jon Keen said...

Delahey struggled. I've seen him play better.

Major junior play-by-play is so easy to do, I would expect as a listener zero mistakes to be made.

I will be sure to berate him for not living up to the perfect standards of our out of town listeners.

Anonymous said...

Head Scout for Swift Current commented that Delahey was real good.

Jon Keen said...

I stand by my thoughts.