Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday / Pics from ADT

Greetings from Red Deer...

The Broncos are making Red Deer home for the weekend as they often do when they play back-to-back nights in the middle of the Central Division.

I must admit, it's strange sharing a hotel with the Hunch Bunch out of Moose Jaw. The Warriors and Broncos are almost on the same schedule as far as breakfasts and meetings at the rink.

Moose Jaw plays in Red Deer tonight and then Edmonton tomorrow. I think it's time Warriors broadcaster James Gallo got a blog. He was a little surprised to see me in the lobby last night. How about a Warriors blog? Anyone out there up the task? Brick Top?


The Broncos will have their hands full in Calgary tonight. The Hitmen haven't lost in November and have won 9 straight. It's a little ironic because the last time the Broncos visited Calgary in the regular season (Feb 10th), it was the Broncos on a 9 game winning streak.

No word if Hitmen leading goal scorer Brandon Kozun will play tonight. He sat out last night's ADT Canada/Russia Challenge game in Prince Albert because of a hand injury.

Speaking of that game, I caught a couple periods of it and thought Eric Doyle played a smart conservative game for Team WHL. The Broncos defenseman was a late addition to the roster for the Prince Albert game. He was paired with Tyler Myers and was used predominately in an even strength role. I was happy to see him get recognized but also think it would have been nice for everyone involved to have seen him play in the Swift Current game.

Oh well.


I woke up this morning in my 30's today. It was a little odd to say the least. I don't feel 30. Over the years I think the players on the Broncos squad have kept me young. Want to feel younger? Surround yourself with younger people.
It works for me.

And after being dragged into "Stupid River" the last couple days from message boarders and bloggers alike and the he said, she said b.s. that followed... I thought to myself yesterday "I'm too old for this".

Every time one of these blow-ups happen, I'm amazed of the absolute internet bottom feeders it attracts. They are like flies on crap. You know who you are. Can people really be that ignorant? Are they really like that all the time or do they flick the stupid switch when they log onto the 'net?

But, from our fans and some of the others out there I appreciate your comments of support. Thanks.

I digress...
Broncos Media/Public Relations Coordinator Keegan Goodrich is on the trip this weekend. In fact, he's surfing the net beside me as I blog this. He's taken some pics the last couple days and he's allowed me to share them here. Thanks.

The I-plex three hours before ADT game-time

The Russian Selects in pre-game warm-up

Myself during our-pre game show. Looks like I'm having some equipment issues of some sort. Call the station engineer!

Athletic Therapist Paul Ayotte and Dean Chynoweth of the Broncos. The only thing Bronco fans could call their own Wednesday night. Both got a big cheer in the pre-game introductions.

Sportsnet's Louis Jean talking with super agent J.P. Barry at ice level. Barry is the agent for Mats Sundin and gets asked the questions everywhere he goes.

Broncos pull their bus into the Red Deer Centrium last night. About half the rinks in the league you can drive right underneath and park. It beats unpacking in -30 C some nights. Can we add a ramp like this in Prince Albert please?

New video score clock in Red Deer. A big chunk of the million dollar renovation and upgrades this off-season.


Alright, time to get some work done.... we're on the air tonight at 7:30pm SK time with the pre-game show. Broncos defenseman Eric Doyle will give us his ADT thoughts from last night's game in Prince Albert to kick off the show.

Have a good day,



Regan Bartel said...

Happy old fart. Oh to only be 30. You haven't even developed bus sores yet! Wait another 10 years and you'll be as old as the parents of the players. Now thats scary.

Jamie said...

See ya at the Dome in Calgary Keener, came up from Swift to watch the Calgary game and in Red Deer, feel free to email me, have a beer or something