Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Night Stand?

It's a term some people around the Broncos are using to describe the 2010 Ford Women's World Curling Championship coming to Swift Current and the I-plex in March of 2010.

The Broncos concern is that they are being evicted for two weeks in March in the same time frame as the 1st round of playoffs. No building equals no home playoff games which is cause for concern.

This is a major event, no doubt about it - one of the biggest the city has ever hosted. A quick call for some feedback on the post below has generated quite the varying of opinions.

It's too bad the relationship between the City and the Broncos is destined to take a hit - if it hasn't already.

The 10 day time frame wouldn't bother the Broncos any other time of the year but March 20-29 comes at the worst possible time of the season.

Over the days we will present the different angles. The Broncos have deferred to Chairman of the Board of Directors Joe Arling to handle their view. I'm trying to line him up for a radio interview and Broncos pre-game show for Friday night.

The City will also get a chance to have their say. Although the contact was unavailable today and is back in the office presumably tomorrow.

In the mean time... click on the comments below and add your thoughts too.



Anonymous said...

I know a rink about an hour to the west that was just built in 2004. MC would be happy to jam 2,500 people into that rink. Probably have enough time to increase the capacity and make it more fan friendly.


Jon Keen said...

I like it... except what about the MC Cyclones? Season finished by that time?