Thursday, November 20, 2008

City Weighs In

First of all, there was a comment directed to the blog that I'm not for our city hosting the 2010 Ford World Women's Curling Championships.

Maybe it's because I have reported the Broncos thoughts on it and it's being perceived these are my beliefs.

I fully support this event and think there may not be a bigger event (at least not on a world stage) ever hosted out of our city.

I plan to help out as much as I can through promotion and on the media side of things. I would love to volunteer to coordinate the media relations side of things pending my regular job duties with the radio station and hockey club.

I do however agree the timing is just off. A month, two weeks... a week ahead of the Mar 20-29 time frame and there wouldn't be any problems. Something may be able to be worked out but both schedules are pretty much set at this point.

It's almost a perfect scenario.... almost.

But when the main tenant of the I-plex and the Western Hockey League are upset, then that's a story. Go check the Leaderpost's coverage of the Pats battles with Ipsco Place.

It's what people are talking about....therefore so am I.

City Recreation and Parks Manager Dean Robson spoke with me today and about the Championships and the concerns the Broncos are having.

I'll post some of the highlights tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

The timing is what it is. They can't move it up a week or two because the Olympics end 2 weeks before the Worlds. Move it up by a week or two and no one will be there.

They might be able to push it back but then what? It affects the Broncos 2nd round? Third? They aren't going to push it back a couple of months on a chance the Broncos go all the way.

The reality is this is a HUGE event for the city and it sounds like this was a take it or leave it thing.

It's unfortunate that the Broncos are getting the short end of the stick but that's the timing of it can't be moved anywhere that wouldn't potentially affect the Broncos playoffs. If this was 2009or 2011 when the Olympics aren't occuring in Vancouver they may have been able to move it up to the end of the regular season but I would think their hands are tied.

Anonymous said...

meh, if the whl moves the season back a week, no one cares

Anonymous said...

And if curling disappeared off the face of the earth, no one would care either.

Clayton Wicks said...

To those that don't care about curling and/or WHL, why are you blogging. Of course we would miss either of these sports, and if you wouldn't, you are probably not in favour of the whole iplex anyway. This is an extremely important event for the City of Swift Current. Vernon B.C. (host of 2008 Women's Worlds) had an attendance total in excess of 37,000. Event conflict, you bet, let's work it out.

I won't even venture into the discussion of which is more important, they are both huge. Other centres must have had this issue, what did they do? Let's get unified and work this out. I look forward to it.