Thursday, November 06, 2008

Randoms / Trade?

Are the Broncos working on a deal? Reports today indicate something is potentially in the works. More later today.

- Despite key forwards like Matt Tassone. Jordan Peddle and Jan Dalecky, the Broncos posted their 5th straight win knocking off Prince Albert 5-2. Grant Toulmin had his first ever two goal game as a Bronco to lead the way.

- It was great to see F Cody Eakin back in the line-up last night. Cody missed three weeks with a concussion and was back on the ice a lot quicker than many anticipated. Cody made his presence known early in the 1st period on a nice individual rush up the ice which he then pulled into the middle to score the tying goal at 3:50.

- We were joking with Cody after the game about the new "Red Line" he's playing on. Both himself and Grant Toulmin have flaming red hair. You throw Mike Brown in the mix and he's like Red Bull on ice. If that line sticks together so will "The Red Line".

- Another ho-hum 35 save performance for Travis Yonkman in the Broncos goal to improve to 5-0 on the season. A three-star worthy performance, we just couldn't find room last night to squeeze in Yonks. Strong goaltending is just becoming par for the course with this team. What was deemed extraordinary in years past is becoming the ordinary this year.

- This week's WHL This Week Radio Edition was pieced together this morning and will be available online later today at . This week is a special tribute edition to the late Ed Chynoweth who will be inducted into the NHL's Hockey Hall of Fame Monday night. Both his sons Dean and Jeff will be featured.

Jeff is set to speak at the induction ceremony Monday night. Dean will accept the Hall of Fame Blazer in a pre-game ceremony before the Leafs/Canadiens game Saturday night. Dean will also participate in the NHL's Legends game on the weekend. The game is really a "Who's Who" of former NHL greats. As Dean put it, he's one of the "Who is He?" of the NHL.

Those events are just a handful the Chynoweth family will participate in over the weekend in Toronto. Dean will leave for TO following Friday night's game in Brandon.

- The Broncos and Pats meet for the first time this season Sunday evening after their 1st round playoff war in the Broncos won in a hard-fought six games.

There's always a little extra on the line in these match-ups. But, a lot of the cast of characters have changed significantly from the playoff series. The Broncos no longer have seven of those players who played in the series while the Pats feature 10. Even both Head Coaches won't be there as Curtis Hunt is now an Assistant with the Ottawa Senators and Dean will be away in Toronto.

(photo from Leaderpost)

Some of the series' villains have moved on. Guys like J.D Watt, Ryan Bender. Logan Pyett, Scott Doucet, Levi Nelson, Zack Smith, and Dale Wiese have all moved on.

Sunday's match-up will look a whole lot different than their battle back in April.

- The weekend is shaping up nicely with the Broncos making the stop in Elkhorn, MB for lunch on Saturday on the way to Regina. The folks in the small town always treat the Broncos like Kings. The team will eat a prepared meal right inside the rink lobby. A tradition that dates back about 20 years.

Did you hear the exchange in our post-game coaches show between Tim Kehler and myself regarding Elkhorn? If you missed it, maybe I'll try to post the audio later if I can figure it out.

The team will make it to Regina around 3pm for an afternoon practice. The Riders kick-off with the Lions at 3:30pm meaning I'm going to have to hustle to get to Mosiac Stadium upon arrival for the 3:30pm kick-off.

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