Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are We Ready for This?

It was announced earlier today that Swift Current will host the 2010 Ford World Womens Curling Championships in March of 2010 - just weeks after the Olympics in Vancouver.

This is goi
ng to be a huge task to pull off. It's going to take a big effort from the people here in the city and the local organizing committee co-chaired by Barbara Walter and Brian Tallon.

Let's hope it goes a little better than today's two-bit news conference to officially announce the event.

Swift Current has little to no experience in International events and this isn't small potatoes.

I thou
ght it was particularly entertaining when one of the members of the Canadian Curling Association talked about all the major TV networks from around the world covering this event..."Including a broadcast team from Japan which will carry all of their games for their viewers back in China"

Yes, we have lots of work to do.

On a bright note, I can't wait to say Dordi Nordby over and over again on our local sportscasts. Go get'em Dordi!

More to come.....


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