Thursday, November 20, 2008


- The Swift Current Broncos used the 5-on-3 powerplay to perfection last night scoring twice in a span of 1:20 to come from behind to edge Seattle 3-2.

Back-to-back delay of games calls against the T-Birds put the Broncos up two men. From there, Keegan Dansereau's bottom of the circle one-timers tied the game and then put the Broncos ahead. Dansereau is simply deadly from that spot on the ice. He scored similar goals in Brandon and Saskatoon in the past two weeks from the same angle.

- Hello Hockey Canada....have you surfed onto the blog lately?

Broncos defenseman Eric Doyle added two more assists last night while logging probably 27-30 minutes of ice. His two assists temporarily gave him the most points for a defenseman in the WHL. That is until D Jon Blum in Vancouver single-handily dismantled the Chilliwack Bruins with three goals and one assist in a 4-1 win later in the evening. Blum leads all D in scoring with 27 points, one more than Eric Doyle's 26.

I've been making a push for Doyle to be added to the Team WHL roster for the upcoming ADT Canada Russia/Challenge set for Swift Current and Prince Albert next week.

My lobbying on the blog and on-air caught Broncos Head Coach/GM Dean Chynoweth's attention on our pre-game show:

" Well the last time I looked you didn't have a vote, so you're pushing with an immovable object here Jon.... Hockey Canada has decided this is the last showcase to make sure the right guys are there potentially for the try-out camp at Christmas. They want to make sure they have the best players available to them.

It's unfortunate, but there is a slight chance. Obviously you don't wish an injury upon anybody but if one of those (roster) players does get injured we should have first crack at a forward or defenseman. Eric would definitely be one that would qualify. I think he's had a very good start offensively to his season, he's pretty much done what I thought he would do when we traded for him when he was 17." - Chynoweth

- Dean also talked about being forced out of the building for two weeks for next year's 1st round of playoffs with the 2010 Ford World Women's Curling Championships coming to Swift Current March 20-29th of 2010.

To say he's not happy would be an understatement.

"From my standpoint, I'm extremely disappointed with the lack of communication with the City who is a partner of ours with this renovation that they have made come to fruition. Playoff time is a critical time for our hockey club. I know the league is not happy with it... and neither am I."

Broncos Chairman of the Board of Directors Joe Arling will be our pre-game guest tomorrow night before the Broncos/Pats game. Safe to say his feelings echo those of Chynoweth.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that there was some sort of communication with the Broncos from the city in regards to the bid for the Ford Women's World Curling. Not that the city has to get permission from the Broncos but give them some input into the decision. I am not a fan of curling and am a big supporter of the Broncos and all the positives they bring to the city of Swift Current and southwest Saskatchewan. We are very fortunate, as a small city to have this team in our community. With that being said, as a partner with the community the Broncos must realize they are not the only thing that deserves consideration when it comes to the ipex. The Brandon Wheat Kings face this every year - this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for our city. Talking to Joe Arling, I know he is chairman of the board, about this - the guy who has the market cornered in the hotel industry for WHL teams, scouts, league officials and parents. Why not ask another hotel owner who gets little or no benefit from having a WHL team here what they think about the possibilty of an event like this for their business? The Broncos are hosting the ADT Challenge next week - ask the other iplex users how they feel about not getting to use the ice at the iplex for five days, and everyone losing ice time as Fairview Arenas are the only avilable ice for five days in a community with an ice shortage. Ask the Broncos how they communicated with other user groups about changing their practice time a few years back so that no one else can use iplex at 4:00pm anymore for a few players attending high school. Maybe the big question should be if the Broncos want sole exclusivity to the iplex they could put a better product on the ice so we know for sure they will be playing at that time--- look at their record the last eight years (counting OTL/SOL as losses) they have four winning seasons out of eight:

07-08 (41-31)
06-07 (33-39)
05-06 (24-48)
04-05 (22-50)
03-04 (36-36)
02-03 (38-34)
01-02 (42-30)
00-01 (43-29)

I support the Broncos - I love the WHL and never want S.C. to revert to the SJHL days (S.C. Indians) as that has become a terrible league. But asking the city to put everthing on hold for one organization is a little much to ask.

Anonymous said...

Losing as many as 4 home playoff games is a huge financial loss to a club that has the smallest market in the league. Everyone knows that the playoffs is where clubs make the there big money. I would hope that there would be some compensation made to the broncos for lost income and increased travel expenses.