Saturday, March 31, 2007

See ya Sunday!

There is nothing more exciting than extending your season.

Last night, with their backs against the wall, the Broncos came out with a huge effort to send the series back home for game six Sunday with a 3-2 win.

For the Bronco fans in attendance, they relished this victory, big time. What a showing by our fans in Regina everybody. I'm proud. This is what small market junior hockey is all about! This is what seperates from the pack.

Loud throughout the game, the Bronco fan base took their efforts into the parking lot postgame. It was like a scene from the movie "Slapshot". All the players were greeted with cheers, high fives and hugs as they packed-up the bus following a gritty effort which saw them hold off the Pats the entire 3rd period. The fans were loving it. And I can tell you this, so was the team.

"How awesome is this!?" said one of the Broncos as he made his way onto the bus through the maze of fans. "This is unreal!" said another as he passed by with a grin that made me think to myself "this is why you play the game". Our fans were great, plain and simple. GREAT.

I was impressed. But remember, nobody has won anything yet and and the Pats still hold a 3-2 series edge coming back to Swift Current for game six Sunday night @ 7pm. It's the first step on the long road back in this best-of-seven set. There's a twinkle in this team's eye though. They're loose, the pressures off and they're playing their guts out.

Get your tickets folks. You have no idea what a sold out Civic Center would mean for this team Sunday night.

I won't get into a big recap but no doubt, Levi Nelson played his best game as a Bronco with two pretty goals and some physical dominance at times. Jeremy Schenderling opened the scoring shorthanded for his team leading 5th goal of the playoffs. He's tied for the playoff lead with Prince George's Devin Setoguchi.

Kyle Moir had his best game of the playoffs. He calmly made 33 saves including a big one on Michael McAngus with just over two minutes to play. He looked good.

Haha, the Broncos are also 2-0 whenever the Leader-Post's Rob Vanstone writes about Myles Rumsey - good or bad. Thanks Rob. Myles was great in his usual shut-down role. Hey Robby, can you PLEASE mention something in Saturday's paper?

As far as the whole "Vaseline Gate" .... have at'er Bronco fans... have at'er. Please, let's keep it within the law Sunday night. I can't condone Rod's comments towards our rink and our fans, I've had enough too. I've been proud to call the Civic Center my WHL home for seven seasons. I've been to every barn in the 'dub and there's no place like home. Whatever you do, do it loud and do it with class. Thanks for inspiring the humanoids Roddy. Now, what's the advice I always try to give you?. I know it's tough sometimes. Like I said, our fans are harmless, unless provoked. Bottom line this series is about two teams getting after it, not about a press box, a jar of vaseline, and some harsh words from both sides on a website.

Game six should be.... interesting, not to mention great.

Good night. See everyone Sunday,



Dustin said...

Hey Jonny is it classy to chant you suck?! I know you two in our booth love it:).

BTW. That fan bus was rocking yest. One of the best ones to date, well worth the $50 or so it cost.

Anonymous said...

You are right Jon, fans let's give it to rod - but within the law. His beef is with the fans so I think the loudest "PEDERSEN SUCKS" chant after the national anthem Sunday night is appropriate. Section L start us off. Fans under the press box bang away - bring gloves though.

Anonymous said...

Keener that was a sweet game. We always listen on the internet and love u guys, keep it up. GOOOO BRONCOS!!!!!