Thursday, March 29, 2007

Quick Update

Nothing fancy today, just like last night's game I suppose.

I'll update from the road when we get settled in Regina.

The Broncos playoff home-ice woes continued last night, they've now lost five straight playoff games at the Civic Center dating back to 2004 in their first round series with Medicine Hat. I'm sure this is tough for the old Bronco faithful to swallow.

"We were outworked, plain and simple." Dave Hunchak in our PDQ Autobody Post game show. "They wanted it more, no excuses," said Brady Leavold in our chat after a Regina 5-2 victory.

I won't get into a lengthy recap, today's a busy day after a short turnaround for game five tomorrow night from the Brandt Center. The Broncos season will be on the line as they try to force a game six Sunday night back at the Civic Center.

The Broncos must win three straight to take the series now and you can bet a run of cliches will be used in the next 48 hours to set-up game five from the Broncos standpoint. Just pick one. Do or die, must win, win or go home, one game at a time, one shift at a time.

There's lots of great series going on around the WHL. One is over already. Prince George sweeping the Kamloops Blazers, wow. The Blazers had such a great season going until February then they started to slide. Last night's loss I'm assuming was very bitter. The Blazers led 3-0 before the Cougars tied it in the third then won it just 2:30 into overtime on Devin Setoguchi's winner. The Cougars had never swept a series in their franchise history.

Both #1 seeds in the Conferences are down to a best-of-three. Medicine Hat and Red Deer are all even 2-2, as are Everett and Spokane.

I'll set up game five from a Broncos perspective when I have more time...

The sun rose in Swift Current this morning.... despite the doom and gloom.

What are the chances of coming back? Your thoughts would be appreciated.



Anonymous said...

Hey...I just wanted to make a comment about one of the Bronco's biggest fans, "Big Ern." It's is too bad that all fans can't be more like him. He is so positive whether his team wins or loses. He never "bad-mouths" the other teams. I love his enthusiasm. The Bronco's should be proud of this guy.....all teams need more fans like him.

fr. a Regina Pats fan

LC said...

I think they can come back. They just need to realize that the Pats are better than us, and we need to get them undisciplined and not get frustrated and take bad penalties. We need Regina frustrated and have them take the penalties and then we need to capitalize on the opportunities because they aren't going to give us very many. The only way we're back in it, is with good ole fashioned hard work. Unfortunately it hasn't been there lately, but it can be.

ointhecreek said...

I think the Broncos are done. Especially after watching last nights game. They just can't seem to play a full 60 minutes. Seem to lose the heart and desire and desire it takes to win. They seem to just stop and watch the Pats skate circles around them. Oh, well, I still enjoyed the season and entertainment the guys provided this year and look forward to renewing my season tickets no matter who is coach or on the board of govs.

ernie said...

I never lose hope, even though it looks pretty hopeless. I always say you're never out until you're out. Tomorrow's result remains to be seen. Our team has character. That's all I have to say.

Big Ern

Anonymous said...

Much like what fans did with the Vaseline..the Pats will wipe the Broncos away on Friday night.

Bert said...

Nice to see Rakos get benched after his momentum killer offensive zone penalty in the second period...although he shouldn't have even been allowed to play a couple shifts with 5 minutes left in the game...

pat from regina said...

I have to admit I actually am kind of hoping the Broncos win. Ernie get back in your chair! Iknow you just fell out of it. While I still know the Pats will win the series, it will be interesting to see what the fans in Swift do after Vaseline Gate!! Can't make the game gotta work the Home and Garden show.

Have fun and cheer hard!