Friday, March 16, 2007

Who's Our MVP?

With the Broncos awards banquet set for Monday night, this question is a topical one. It's certainly created some interest with Bronco fans. So just who is our MVP from the regular season?

It doesn't appear to be a clear-cut favorite this year. Sure the last two seasons, Kyle Moir has been the overwhelming choice but this season a case could be made for a hand-full of players.

Without further adieu, here are your nominees.

Levi Nelson

Levi leads the team in scoring heading into the final weekend of the regular season. Nelson has collected 18 goals and 34 assists for 52 points. He's been the best offensive forward and should garner some consideration. The Broncos have "scored by committee" this season and that might hurt his chances. The Broncos have had to make due with every forward out of the line-up at some point this season. When missing, not one player significantly impacted the team's play. It was a group effort up-front this season.

Myles Rumsey

The Bronco 20 year-old defenseman has quite frankly been the anchor this season. His leadership cannot be overlooked. With the departure of Dane Crowley at the trade deadline, Rumsey was looked upon even more in his defensive shutdown role. There were times in the 2nd half where he never came off the ice on the penalty-kill - out for the full two minutes-plus. The shot blocking king didn't score a goal this year but the calming influence he brings to the team, especially for the young defensive core has been huge.

Kyle Moir

Can Kyle three-peat as team MVP? It's very possible despite Travis Yonkman showing that he can be the #1 guy too. Moir's numbers this season are down slightly: games played - 54, GAA - 3.21, save % - .903. His play down the stretch has been good but did go through a tough stretch right after the trade deadline. He's picked it up lately which has been they key to the Broncos winning their last six of eight games. He also set new CHL marks for career games played and career minutes played.

So just who is the MVP? Many fans seem to think it could be either three. We will find out Monday night at the Legion Hall. BTW, tickets are still available by calling the Broncos office at 773 - 1509.

It's the Broncos and Warriors tonight to begin the final weekend of the regular season. The Warriors come in playing desperate hockey. They know a loss tonight might end their playoff hopes. The Warriors have a 5-1 edge in the season series and no doubt have a lot to play for.

The Broncos have a chance for their 4th straight win. They've yet to win four in a row this year. Their line-up will be mix 'n' match with some help from the "farm". Kris Foucault has made his way in from Calgary. The 16 year-old forward will play in his 3rd WHL game this season. They've also recalled 15 year-old defenseman David Greyeyes. He's seen action twice this season already. He played "AAA" midget with the Beardy's Blackhawks.

On the injury front, Brady Leavold, Levi Nelson, Spencer McAvoy and Jeremy Schenderling will all be ?'s tonight. Matt Tassone remains out with a knee injury. The Warriors could catch a break this weekend.

Face-off at 7:30pm, the Eagle 94.1 FM begins coverage with the pre-game show at 7pm. Included on the pre-game show will be a Cody Thoring update. The Swift Current native was hospitalized with a pelvis injury two weeks ago. He's doing much better and is out of hospital. The Warriors defenseman was actually in Swift Current most of this week doing some physiotherapy. Also on the pre-game show, Kelowna Rockets General Manager Bruce Hamilton talks about the Rockets missing the playoffs and what went wrong.

See you at the game,


Dustin said...

Hey Keener, i dont think it should be close this year. A few candidates...yes. But Rummer is the man. He plays over 20 minutes a game seems to kill every minute of a 5 on 3, i have seen him kill an entire 5 min penalty. Mix in the shot blocking pressence and you got him. I look at your other candadates and think well without Moir, Yonks would get the load and we would be alright, with no Nelson, some other players would have to step up but he hasnt been domanate this year. Take Rummer out of the line up and suddenly we have a shaky D.

Jon Keen said...

I think you have a point there. He would be a great MVP selection.

Anonymous said...

I say you give it to both Myles and Kyle...without them the year would have been a write-off. Fitting end to both their great careers. Considering their is no run away winner...this might make sense. Levi is still a ways away from taking the MVP crown.

pat from regina said...

52 points gets you the MVP? Only in Swift would this happen.

Anonymous said...

Who will get the MVP in Regina? The #1 A**HOLE in the league, Brent Parker, or the Regina media for homerism? How about the players, who haven't played worth a crap all season?

I live in Brandon, and as far as I'm concerned, three hours away isn't enough. How sweet, what we did to them tonight!!! Swift, I say go get 'em!

Here's my prediction: Regina gets MURDERED. No more than six games...likely in five...but maybe even four. In this series, Swift is my team.

Regina...a place I LOVE TO HATE.

pat from regina said...

Wow this Anonymous guy has so many different opinions! Usually I don't respond to people who don't have the sack to pu their name on something. But yes parker may be an a-hole, and yes the Regina media are homers as they should be it is REGINA and our team is the REGINA Pats, so yes it stands to reason the media would hope they win the memorial cup. Common sense right? Brandon won with Regina's 3 20 year olds at home and resting the big guns for a long tough series against the Broncs. (yes Ernie I said it long and tough). as for MVP i don't know Heart and soul Kyle Ross, leading scorer (72pts) Festerling, One of the top gaolies Rowat, or maybe arguably the top defenseman in the division Pyett. Really I understand it is a hard decision.

ernie said...

Thanks Pat...for mentioning me in almost everyone of your posts. HAHA! Cya in Queen City next weekend. Tonight, I'm headed for the JAW!! LET'S GO SWIFTY!!!

Big Ern

pat from regina said...

Hey Ernie, ever since Keener started giving less of his opinion you are the only reason I actually read this blog! I think if Bra pulls the pin you start your own!(lol)