Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Former Bronco "C's" Send Their Best

With the Broncos down in this series with Regina 2-1, a couple former Bronco captains are trying to show their support.

Benny Ondrus (left), emailed the team earlier in the week to say good luck and to get after them. Benny was a heart and soul guy with this team. He was a great leader and one of the most determined players to come through. Benny had some nice words along with some help from Jeremy Williams and Ian White. All three are in Toronto either with the Leafs or the Marilies.

I spoke with Dustin Friesen (left) earlier this morning out in New Brunswick. He's fresh off a National University Championship with UNB and even through the celebrations, he's keeping a close tab on his former club. Friesen was a Bronco from 2000-2004 and captained the team in his final season. Here's a little bit of our chat:

JK: Are you following your former team, and if so any well wishes for the Broncos Friesey?

DF: Of course, every guy that goes through the Western League wants to keep up and see how their team is doing, especially guys in Swifty. You want to make sure guys are keeping up the tradition and keep on winning. Down 2-1, that's no big deal, you have to win four so I'm sure they can do it.

JK: Myles Rumsey would be only one of two players currently on the Broncos you used to play with. He now wears the "C", I'm sure you wish him the best.

DF: Myles is a really good kid. I'm sure Myles is doing everything possible to get a series win and I think the boys should have confidence knowing that he's the captain and doing everything possible so I think the guys should rally around him.

Friesen will be our guest tonight on the Five Minute Major to kick-off the Big Show. Game four tonight. The Broncos hoping to draw even in the series will need a good performance.

Nearly 2000 loud Bronco fans came out to support the club to really add that playoff atmosphere. It was definitely alive in the building.


The blog hits on this site from the Queen City keep coming. I can't believe how many are checking the blog out daily. Some are leaving comments, although some just want to stir it up.


Regina media has had a field day with the "Leaderpost pin-up motivation". It was the focus of several different reports or stories. Rod wanted to talk about on Sportsline, he also took a closer look on his blog. I saw Rob Vanstone having to answer about it on Global Sports and it sure has some of the fans talking.


I hope out of town listeners enjoy our webcast out of Swifty, Ryan and I had a fun time last night despite the outcome. We are also on Sasktel Max at channel 834. Ryan informs me his blog status will be MIA for awhile as he upgrades his computer.


Hey Pat from Regina! I used to think you were a good guy this summer.... what happened? All you do is take shots now. C'mon! I hear you're looking for a new partner for men's night? Golfing partner, I should clarify...


Hopefully the Broncos get some saves and the powerplay gets it done. Game four tonight, face-off at 7:30pm, action on the Eagle 7pm.

See you at the rink,



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behmer said...

The boys will get it done tonight me

Bob Orr said...

you could have Ondrus and those other 2 dress for you, Regina would still woop ya, Great win by the Tigers eh? were growlin now! Waitin for the next victim. :)

Jon Keen said...

Hopefully it's a great game for the parents to watch/listen. The parents for this team have been great this year.

Behmer, let's hope for the best. Aren't you due for another 50/50 windfall?

pat from regina said...

Just trying to keep you honest Bra! If I don't keep the lines of communication open you might start to think we don't show the love enough from the Queen City. By the way I haven't seen a reply from you in regards to the pier installation on May long, we could talk men's night partners then.

Have fun tonight!!

Pat from Regina said...

One last thing, swift has been taking a royal pounding on Pedersens blog lately. Even I think Swift Current is a nice little city, my best man at my wedding lives down there and is a Vice-principal at one of the schools. He can't say enough good things about the town. Wow I really though there would be more backlash than just Keener and Big Ern. Bra I can book you a room at the North Star Motel if you really want to live the high life(lol)

Anonymous said...

good call behmer. ha!