Sunday, April 01, 2007

Game Day!

Game six tonight from the Civic Center...

The Broncos are projecting a sellout so if you don't have your tickets, drop by the Civic Center today. The doors open at 10am. Yesterday at the Bronco office there was a line-up out the door.

I'll post a bit of preview later today, for now it's off to breakfast...



Kim Johnston said...

Hey Jon,

Can't wait for the game tonight! I'll be flipping between The Eagle & Rids out in Red Deer.

Go Broncos!

ernie said...

Our guys put up one hell of an effort. It never fails. You outplay an opponent, and they score a garbage goal to end it.

But, I guess that's life. It was worth all $1300 I spent on the team this season. I met a TONNE of awesome people, and will most certainly go the same route come August. The guys did us proud. We won two playoff games, and almost a third. Look out next year!


Big Ern