Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Record Setting Night

When it comes to leaving a legacy, this about sums it up.

Broncos goaltender Kyle Moir is poised to set a new Canadian Hockey League record for most appearances career in Major Junior Hockey. Tomorrow night's game will be game number 230, surpassing the previous mark of 229 held by former Moose Jaw Warriors/Tacoma Rockets goaltender Jeff Calvert.

We spoke with Calvert on our pre-game show Friday night. He was really unaware of the record until the hype began just before Christmas that Moir could set a new mark. He was very nice about it and I'm sure has plenty of respect for his fellow WHL goalkeeper. "I wish him the best and want to congratulate him, I may not be #1 anymore but at least I'll be #2," Calvert said with a laugh.

Moir would still not have the all-time minutes played mark - he is 100 minutes shy entering the game against the Pats. Danny Lorenz (Seattle Thunderbirds 1985-1989) holds the current mark. Moir could have that record by the end of the weekend.

I chatted with the Broncos goaltender today for a pre-game feature that will air prior to face-off with the Pats. Here's how his career has played out:

2002-03 - 7 games played while being called up and joining the team for their U.S. swing
2003-04 - 46 games played. Shared time with Brent Walker then Blake Grenier after trade deadline.
2004-05 - 60 games played. Grenier was traded to Portland early, enter Andrew Leslie
2005-06 - 65 games played. Logged a lot of games after back-up Travis Yonkman broke his collarbone. Brant Hilton and Russ Monette back-up Moir for a small stretch.
Current season - 51 games played. Will start in game 52 vs Pats Wednesday night.

Congratulations to Kyle Moir.

Sounds like the game Friday night vs the Tigers is almost sold out. Should be a good battle. The Tigers have clinched 1st place in the East Conference but I'm sure would love the WHL regular season title just in case they make it to the league final. Home ice advantage might be the edge in a playoff battle with the likes of Everett or Vancouver.

Moose Jaw kept their playoff hopes alive with a 5-1 win in Prince Albert. That closes the Warriors within 3 points of Prince Albert and 6 back of the Broncos.

Can't wait to chat with Roddy tomorrow in Regina. He always has a good story. I may have a couple for him too. They are never WHL related, and that's the way we like it.

Pat, I guess we'll maybe run into each other too. What's Kevin up to? Maybe I'll give him a call.



Anonymous said...


I don't have a comment to make in regards to your blog posting, but I couldn't easily find an e-mail address to send this to, so I am posting a comment instead. I would like to get your opinion on some of the things going on in Andy Kemper's (color guy for the Winter Hawks) blog the last couple of days. Check out http://www.afterthewhistle.blogspot.com/ I'm curious to hear your take on it.

ernie said...

Just got back from the game in Regina. The road was awful up to Pense, and then it was like summer driving. The Broncos' bus blew past us around Parkbeg. The guy was FLYING!!! HAHAHA!! I had "Rockin' Rob" at the wheel, and it was awesome! Thanks a million man!
As far as the game goes, I thought the guys played pretty well, considering we lost. I thought to come out and get the lead twice definitely sent a message, even though we lost it. We need to get more shots to the net. I liked Regina, but the rink has that smell to it, which I just cannot take. Otherwise, the rink was awesome. Keep in mind, I still think no rink has a hope of coming close to the CCC. It's home sweet home, and it ROCKS!!!! The Pats don't shed their helmets when they fight, which to me is kind of "being a p*ssy." Leavold would have decked his man, had he dropped the helmet. But good game to watch, and I'm glad I went. I'm always a good sport. LET'S GO SWIFTY!!!

Big Ern