Monday, March 05, 2007

From A Media Standpoint, Brandon Please!

So I got to thinking about the Broncos first round playoff opponent today. I know nothing has been clinched yet and the schedule is tough but is it wrong to start preparing myself for playoff mode?

So, as I see it both the Regina Pats and the Brandon Wheat Kings are good teams. Brandon has more offense but has limited depth on the blueline. Regina is a fairly well rounded team with plenty of depth. They don't have the snipers the Wheat Kings do but have a active and mobile defense that loves to contribute offensively

Both teams are well coached. Both teams play very well on home ice. Bottom line, they are both very good teams. But, honestly for myself and our fans, please let it be Brandon.

The tie-breaker for me was the Regina media vs the Brandon media.

If we play the Pats in the 1st round, the Regina Pats propaganda will be blasted right into our living rooms and our coffee tables daily from various media sources. CTV Regina won't give the Broncos a sniff. They will be rah-rah Pats all the way on the nightly sportscasts. The trio of sports anchors still can't pronounce half our roster. I don't want our fans to be put through that. They comment enough on the lack of anything Broncos from that station.

The Leaderpost won't be much better. The only way I'll be able to stomach the read will be if Rob Vanstone is assigned to the series. It's wishful thinking, Greg Harder is the WHL beat reporter. Vanstone is great at what he does but he ends up being the "jack of all trades" in his role.

Other media sources like Rod Pedersen's (Voice of the Pats) blog: will have to be read with an open mind. Once the playoffs take over, Roddy will grab the Pats pom-poms and it'll be a runaway of half truths at the best. Roddy, you read this sometimes. Don't tell me that won't be the case. We are programmed that way from day one. We are the "home team broadcasters" and act as such. Me included. We sometimes more resemble the famous Iraqi Information Minister when it comes to our team.

I'm sure Regan Bartel in Kelowna faced the same thing when the Rockets took on the evil empire in Vancouver. The Moose Jaw folks know exactly what I'm talking about from last year's league championship series.

I feel like it will be me against the world when it comes to the "media battle". Who else will help out in Swifty? Oh well, I'll be up for it if it. It's what I do best.

I know one who will step up like he always does. Be it on his radio show on Magic 97 or on the Broncos broadcast, or on his blog at , he'll be there keeping them honest and having some fun.

In other news I talked with Clare Thoring today, Cody's dad. He says Cody doesn't have a broken pelvis but it has shifted somewhat. He says they will no more on the back problems by the end of the day. I plan to have a chat with Cody at some point this week if he's feeling up to it.

For all intensive purposes, the Warriors season is on the line tomorrow night. They play in Prince Albert in a crucial game against the Raiders. Prince Albert has a five point lead over Moose Jaw for the final playoff spot in the east. The Broncos lead Moose Jaw by 8 points and play them twice to close off the season. A Warriors loss and they can kiss the post-season bye-bye.

Broncos and Pats Wednesday night from the Brandt Center. A Broncos win would all but lock up a playoff spot.


pat from regina said...

Sounds like a whole lot of p___ing and moaning to me. Poor little Swifty(sniffle,sniffle). All those big guys pickin' on me. Well(sniffle, sniffle, SNORT) i'LL SHOW THEM! Even if I do get pounded. Come on Keener I expect a little more from the Best Play-by-play man to ever come out of Lanigan. Suck it up Bra! Just kidding. Ernie, put down the pitch fork, I'm just teasing Keener. Really it is a Regina paper and T.V. station, so like it or not they will root for the Pats (being that most of their customers are from Regina, and that's the way it is.

Keener be watching between the 1st and 2nd of the game on Wednesday. You might want the Broncos scout to be their for the preview of the 2016 bantam draft. Yeah my kis will be the one fillintg the net. Maybe with the puck, maybe himself, maybe the other tams goalie. You just never know with 5 year olds.

see you Wednesday

Jon Keen said...

Oh Pat, you're a card. If you get a chance. Come on up to the press box. I'll make sure you can get by the press box police at the entrance. Just tell them your with Swift Current, as painful as that may be. I'll tell them I'm expecting someone.

ernie said...

Jon, c'mon! You know wherever there's internet, there's Big Ern!! HAHAHAHA! I will blast Regina every inch of the way...not to worry! LOL I think they don't like me much, especially Chris Hodges, who I ripped to shreds here early in the season. I could be wrong though. Maybe they'll improve from that. I haven't seen it yet. I am going on Wednesday too. I hope we win. LET'S GO SWIFTY!!

Big Ern

P.S. Pat from Regina, just for the heck of it, I'd like to meet you. I won't be hard to find. I wear a number 17 jersey, jeans with our team's name all over them, a Bronco cap, and a noise-making device which I'll pick up at Canadian Tire. It will be loud. I will make sure our boys know it's for them. HAHAHAHA! I hope to see you Wednesday in Queen City! LET'S GO SWIFTY!!

Big E.

Rod Pedersen said...

Half-truths? C'mon Keener - I call it as I see it. I'll be sure to tell the boys you don't want to play us! I wouldn't either.

Jon Keen said...

Hmm, funny. It's not the Pats that bother me, it's the circus surrounding them.

Dustin said...

On the other side of it we can look forward to commenting on Petersons hair at hockey games, the you suck chant, and finally being noticed on news. Its all about perspective i suppose. Regardless i hate Regina more than any other team in league (even the Hat), so it would make an enjoyable first round.

Anyhow Game .1 (the preview is tomorrow) and i am looking forward to witnessing an enjoyable 4-2 win for us.

Anonymous said...

The Sketch-town Circus hahaha, Keener doesn't lose.

Jonny 1
Rodney 0


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....let's see. REGINA Leader Post, CTV REGINA, Rod Pedersen, voice of the REGINA Pats. Can you figure out the similarities. I will give you a hint....they all come from REGINA. It is their job to report about REGINA. So if you will excuse me, I have to go dig out my clown suit for the game tomorrow night. Rod Pedersen, you rock! GO PATS GO

Rod Pedersen said...

You don't play the circus, you play the team. What are you so nervous about? I can see this getting fun!


Jon Keen said...

Well I'll do my best, even though I get about 1/5th the traffic you do.

"Keen and Pedersen eyeing eachother in the face-off circle . . . not sure if they're gonna go, they're visor to visor"

Special guest referee Lee Jones will oversee the action.

Switzer said...


You need not worry about the Regina media.

Yes, Roddy will bring his 'A' game. I'm sure you will too.

CTV sports is good for highlights and not much more. They have as much credibility on WHL coverage as Greg Harder does on current hairstyles.

As long as the Riders are negotiating contracts and dealing with the Hakim Hills and losing the Omarr Morgans of the world the Pats will stay firmly on page two or three. Only if they make it past round one in the playoffs will they reach the Leader Post relevance of the Green and White.

pat from regina said...


Sorry about the dislexic typing. it was a hard weekend at the Novice coaches tournament. (Not sure if it was the hockey or the post game recap). I will likely be around earlier, as I have to get my kids equipment in and get him ready for the Timbits game. Give me a shout on my email and I can get you my cell #. Have you ever met the security/senior citizens gang who police the rink! They are like drug sniffing dogs! They will know I am telling a lie. It would be kinda cool to show the kid that people can get paid money to do very little and watch hockey(lol).

Talk to you later.

Big Ern, I'll be looking for you

Anonymous said...

This could get interesting!

I wouldn't worry too much about CTV...they can't pronounce half of the Pats roster either! They usually have pretty good highlights, but Global definately has better coverage of the team. I guess it's up to you to keep the fanbase in SC informed on the series! I'll stick with Rod and the "media circus" in Regina.

I do have to say, that's an interesting perspective on everything. I wonder how Brono fans feel about it? Hmmm....

Hodges said...

"CTV Regina won't give the Broncos a sniff. The trio of sports anchors still can't pronounce half our roster."

Nice to chat with you too, Keener. If there's anything else you want to discuss, don't be afraid to drop a dime.

See you down the highway.


Jon Keen said...


I'll have to see you in Regina, because apparently when you head West from the Queen City the highway ends just outside of Moose Jaw.

Just seeing if you're paying attention out there.


Hodges said...

If I'm not mistaken, my last four trips to Swift have all yielded Regina wins.

I'm surprised I'm still welcomed in the building.

Jon Keen said...

Oh, what's your record in Wilcox when the "AAA" Argos were battling to secure 11th overall spot.

I'm sure you've lost count because of so many visits.

You're always welcome Hodgie. In fact bring the entire CTV posse down. We'll have a "Anchorman" media battle in the parking lot. haha.