Saturday, March 17, 2007

On Fire

What makes you excited?

Is it that the Broncos have won four straight for the 1st time since January 17th of 2004? Maybe it's the fact the Broncos ended the Moose Jaw Warriors playoff hopes? Or, how about the first Bronco hat trick from a defenseman since . . . actually that's a great question.

Regardless, the Broncos 7-2 win over the Moose Jaw Warriors last night in front of a sold-out Civic Center crowd generated a lot of reasons to be happy for this club right now.

With nothing to play for, the Broncos came out and used the powerplay for six goals in the lopsided win. That's the best the powerplay has looked all year connecting on 6 of 8 opportunities. The hapless Warrior PK sunk to a season low 77.4%, as the Broncos scored every way possible on the man-advantage. Off the rush, from the point, off the rebound, off the great pass on the doorstep. . . merciless.

Are you kidding me . . . Paul Postma. The Broncos 17 year-old defenseman has a career night with the four point game including his first ever WHL hat trick. Entering the game he had two goals on the season, now he has five. His three blasts from the point on the man advantage were text-book. Get some traffic in front and get the shot on goal. Bing, Bang, Boom. It was great to see him so excited, and it was great to see his teammates feeding him the puck on the last powerplay recognizing he was a goal away from bringing the hats onto the ice. I'm sure the yell from the Postma household in Red Deer was heard all they way out in Sylvan Lake.

The Warriors by no means threw in the towel, they just didn't get the goaltending or the breaks you need to win on the road. Goaltender Joey Perricone's night ended after the Broncos fourth goal on 13 shots. The Warriors had the first couple scoring chances of the game but couldn't convert on Kyle Moir who was again stellar. An early goal post by the Warriors seem to fore-shadow how their night would turn out.

The game was officially sold-out midway through the first period. The 2nd sell-out in the last three home games. Can you say Bronco fever?

I didn't see the disgruntled "Offsider" in the penalty box last night. Apparently he's been relieved of his duties . . . permanently. I was told later he was hanging out along the rail on the visitors side. He hasn't had much to say lately. Once the "anonymous" handle is removed it's tough to play ball with the big boys especially if you're all about criticism and name-calling. I assure you his claims of a $200,000 Bronco loss this season are unfounded. I'll stick to my guns about the potential six-figure profit this season. It helps when the Broncos see revenue streams from expansion dues, Memorial Cup and World Juniors.

We're on the air to wrap up the regular season tonight in Moose Jaw. Switzer will be celebrating his wife's birthday and will not be making the trip. Instead I'll dive into the color-commentary bullpen and snag Terry Pavely for some help. Pre-game show at 6:30pm, play-by-play at 7pm. Be listening for the winners of the Goals for Education Lottery. We will have a list of all the winners including the lucky devil who snags the $100,000 grand-prize!

I should get a coffee and get to work on tonight's pre-game show and game prep.




Regan and the Rockets said...

Keener my guess on the last Bronco d-man to score a hattrick is Lawrence Nycholat.
He scored one against Seattle in 2000 - January 5th I beleive?
Ok I'm cheating here.
He was a force for the Broncos back on 'd' in his final year of junior. Ian White didn't have one!
Have fun in the playoffs as I cry myself to sleep every night.
On other thing Keener....I want more opinion.
Come on!!!

Switzer said...

I don't know if a Bronco d-man has ever pulled off a hat-trick..

Ian White as a 17 year old? 32 goals that year. I know he didn't as an 18 or 19 year old.

Sopel, Rozsival, Nycholat, lots of good ones through Swifty, but I don't think they ever did.

Craig Millar or Danny Lambert?

Is Postma the first Bronco d-man to get a hatty?

Anonymous said...

Lawrence Nycholat

January 5, 2000 vs. Seattle.

5-4 Bronco overtime win.

Nycholat had three goals that game.

Jeremy Reich scored the OT winner from Ulmer and Cutta.

I Rule!!!


ernie said...

Well, I just got home from Moose Jaw at about 10:50. It might sound a bit early, but I left almost right out the door, and drove 120 KPH. all the way. It was a good trip.

As far as the game itself goes, it didn't mean nothing for our team. The coaches tried out a whole lot of different combinations and stuff. Too bad the score came out like it did, but I thought it's only fitting. We had a bunch of guys scratched, and the Warriors were playing for pride. Even I was emotional in the end when they announced the 20-year-olds. That's not a very good feeling. Otherwise, I thouroughly enjoyed the experience of watching a game in the "Crushed Can," and will definitely go again next season. That is a pretty unforgettable rink! Some parts of it are interesting; other parts are dangerous, like the steps. HAHAHA!! Anyway, I'm sure glad I went!

I also got a chance to meet Cody Thoring. He is one of the best guys I've met. I could sense right away, he is from Swifty. Awesome kid...too bad he couldn't take part in the action. HAHA! Good luck Cody! That's coming from Big Ern! LOL

As for the Broncos, they will just stay focused for a week, and then go into Regina with confidence, along with me, of course!

I'm excited to move to town on Tuesday, and to get a week off. I will watch practice, and head to Regina on Friday morning. I'm hoping the guys can make a great run, and I'm confident they will. I never lose confidence! NEVER!!!


Big Ern

Anonymous said...

How about good guy Albert Hedgewick (sp?) scooping up the 100 G's! What to go Albert! I'll be hitting you up for a second Ability Bowl pledge now buddy!

Darwin G.