Tuesday, March 20, 2007

All Smiles for Myles

Bronco captain Myles Rumsey was the big award winner last night as the Broncos put a wrap on their regular season with the annual awards banquet. I have pictures, just waiting on Team photographer Bobbi-jo to e-mail them over. I'll post them when I get'em.

Rumsey, the longtime Bronco claimed four awards as the Team MVP, Players Most Popular Player, Top Defenseman and the Desire and Sportsmanship Award.

"The Most Valuable Player is very, very flattering, it's an individual award but it goes without saying it's your teammates that get you to where you are. Big credit goes to them helping me out throughout the year and just playing as well as they did it just makes my job a whole lot easier." - Myles Rumsey.

Myles also gave a humorous yet heartfelt captains speech as he reflected and reminisced on his four plus years as a Bronco.

"I have no regrets whatsoever in coming here and having the best times of my life. It's very thrilling to be out here for four and half years and play with some of the players I have, Tyler Redenbach, Ian White, Aaron Rome, Kyle Moir, Luke Hunter, Benny Ondrus, Dustin Friesen I could go on for hours about them. It was just great to be part of this organization and this night."

Myles took some well placed jabs at some of his teammates and coaches. He even asked when the wedding was for myself and Ryan Switzer. That's ok, I got him back on a few occasions over the night. 261 games played in the 'dub and I remember all of Rumsey's goals believe it or not. All two of them, haha.

Goaltender Kyle Moir took home two awards. The Leadership and Maturity award plus the Humanitarian award for his work in the community.

"I love going out (in the community), especially the elementary schools, those little kids are so much fun and they get so excited you're like their hero. You don't really get that anywhere else so it's a lot of fun." - Kyle Moir

Kyle was also honoured for his two CHL records he broke this season including most games played career as a goaltender at 233 and most minutes played 12776.

Geordie Wudrick won a pair of awards for Scholastic Player of the Year and Top Rookie.

"If you do good in school you carry that work ethic on to the ice and all parts of your life. It's something I take a a lot of pride in. This year we had a lot of good rookies with Derek and Ryan and Phil and Matt and I'm very honoured to win this award." - Geordie Wudrick

Levi Nelson was a multiple award winner. He claimed the Top Scorer, King of the Road Award and the Fans Most Popular.

"That means a lot. The fans are a big part of the game here in Swifty. If it wasn't for them it wouldn't be the same and I just thank all the fans for coming out and watching us here, keep supporting us in the playoffs and we appreciate it." - Levi Nelson

Graduating forward Jeremy Schenderling won the Three Star Award and the Chairman of the Boards recognition. Zack Smith was the well deserved winner for Most Improved Player. Kyle Bortis won the Most Sportsmanlike while R.J. Larochelle picked up the Coaches Award.

Did I miss anyone? It was great to chat with some of the parents, billets, fans and the Board of Directors. Every conversation had a common theme, they love the blog and say they check it out everyday. That's more than enough inspiration to keep it going.

Once again, I'll post some pics from the night later on today, check back if you can.

Also, on the Eagle 94.1 FM "Breakfast Boys" morning show today we had Albert Headrick on to talk about his $100,000 windfall. He was the winner of the Goals For Education Lottery. Albert is the Deputy Fire Chief here in town.

Whenever I hear the name "Albert" it always reminds me of a classic commerical for Canadian Tire. Remember this one? Note the first name on the back of the jersey not the last. I love the coaches on the bench too. Take a look:

Albert! Albert! Albert! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkyMM3EScjA

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ernie said...

Awesome evening, and even BETTER catering by K MOTEL. WOW! Those people know how to cook!

I agree that the guys that got the awards were all deserving of them. Well done!

There is a big step ahead. PLAYOFFS. LET'S GO SWIFTY!!!!

Big Ern

Spike said...

The Albert commercial brings back the memories. What happened to these commercials? Too bad for Canadian Tire and the Leafs :oP