Friday, March 23, 2007

It's Begun

The Broncos Hockey Club continues preparation for the weekend set in Regina to get the 1st round playoffs underway. There's no doubt you can tell it's the post-season. There is a different mood, a vibe if you will. The players, coaches and staff are upbeat and excited about getting at it with the Pats.

I like what I'm seeing so far. The players haven't worked themselves into a frenzy or state of nervousness. Everything is just right. They are confident, yet realize the task at hand.

The morning skate today was quick and up-tempo. The coaching staff kept them on the ice for about a half-hour. Included in the skate were young prospects Cody Eakin and Justin Dowling. It's expected forward Scott McAuley from Winnipeg will join the club sometime later today.

Also, American draft pick Eric Ferber is with his family doing a scouting mission to Notre Dame. He could be another goalie of the future. The Arizona product impressed at training camp and is looking to take his game to Canada in the near future. He's expected to put in an on-ice session with goaltending consultant Kevin Swanson this weekend.

The guys are being well taken care of off the ice. We are at a hotel which features former Eagle 94.1 morning news girl Trina Taylor as the Sales Manager. Everything has been great so far. Trina may also host a night out for us . . . we'll see how the game goes first!

At least I know I have one loyal reader. Guess who tracked me down at the rink during the pre-game skate? Pats Head Coach Curtis Hunt. In his hand he had a copy of my blog comments following our last game in Regina. He was steamed. He said if I had a problem with the way he conducts an interview that I was to take it up with him. I knew full well he would eventually see the blog, I wasn't going to run and hide. I told him I appreciate his concern, but that us media folks don't appreciate getting "big-leagued" by WHL coaches. I said we (radio broadcasters) are all part of the process too, and he agreed. I said I respect him as a coach and his abilities and if he wants to send out Assistant Coach Terry Perkins in the future that's fine by me. He said no, it's fine, but he wanted to clear the air before game-time. I appreciate that. I was expecting that reaction I guess. Like I said before we all have to be accountable for our actions, what we say, or blog. I shook his hand and left it at that. I couldn't help but think back to all that great footage on TSN or ESPN of the coaches or players blowing up on reporters for stupid questions or articles they took offense too.

The little meeting caught the attention of the Bronco players. They overheard it. They think I would make a good agitator. Call me the Sean Avery of broadcasters, haha. Dean C. was chuckling about it. A few guys told me he came into the room and was laughing pretty good. Glad to see it provided some entertainment. We'll see how the pre-game interview goes tonight with Curtis. I hope we're cool.

We're on the air at 6:30pm with the pre-game show, play-by-play with myself and Ryan Switzer at 7pm.

I'll try to have a recap sometime after the game.

Let's get'r done.



Kim Johnston said...

Hey Jon...

Still the same s**t-disturber, huh? Too funny. Knowing you, Hunt is lucky you didn't pop him one!

I love Bartel's blog posting about the funniest moments in the broadcast booth. How about you & Switzer? Surely you guys have stories that can top Bartel & Everett's.

Have a good show tonight!


Regan and the Rockets said...

If your blog comment is a huge concern to Hunt, he is in big trouble.
Frankly you said nothing wrong, only the fact he isn't the most friendly interview.
To make that statement is totally fine.
If you attacked him by the way he looks,sounds it would be a different story.
How did he make contact with your blog comment in the first place? Do you think he surf's the internet looking for possible negative comments about him?
I think we can both answer that question.
Bottom line is he is a public fiqure like you are.
People will critize you, but are you going to hunt down everyone that slightly bad mouths you?

You don't have to be best bud's to conduct an interview, and frankly he may think your questions suck. But can you still respect one anothers positions? Absolutely!

He's got you where he wants you..on the defensive.
Don't hurt his feeling Kenner, he must think your words hold more weight to them than even you do!

Jon Keen said...


Well Regan has some great stories. The Parker one is incredible. I've been thinking about posting something like that at the end of the season. Switz and I definetly have had some moments on the road. I'll get into them when the playoffs are over.

ernie said...

Just getting settled in to my room at Super 8 on Victoria Ave. in Regina.

It's beautiful out there today! It's a great day for the Broncos to start things off positively.


Big Ern

Anonymous said...

I tried to post a comment on Rod's blog and he didn't approve it. He posted that a position with the Calgary Stamps had been filled that was formerly held by Darrel Moir, Kyle Moir's uncle. I posted:
"Darryl Moir is Bronco's goalie, Kyle Moir's dad, not uncle. Don't post something unless you know the facts. I vote for Jon in the play-by-play war" Of course, his comments have to be approved by him. Since then he's posted but he sure didn't post my comment. Probably because I was proving him wrong.