Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ranford First in Line

After a hot start to the season, Blazer F Brendan Ranford was not on the initial Team WHL roster for next week's Canada/Russia Super Series for the games in Kamloops and Prince George.

However, his play has certainly caught the attention of the league and now steps are being taken to try and make the 18 year-old part of the Team WHL roster for the Kamloops game.

His 17 goals ties him for the league lead with Vancouver's Brendan Gallagher. The WHL office says he's "first in line" if a roster spot opens up over the weekend. They are doing their best to accommodate in the wake of Ranford's strong season.

It especially would make sense considering linemate Chase Schaber is on the sqaud - the two have fed off each other all season long.

"Chase is a great hockey player, he deserves to be on the team," commented Ranford.

"It would be a great honour for me to join him but if I don't.... good luck to him," he continued.

Blazer Head Coach Guy Charron says Ranford's numbers alone should make him a part of the team but he understands the process and the tough job of picking a team.

"He deserves it, but it's an unfortunate thing," says Charron.

"If he continues to play the way he is, he may give him self an opportunity to play for Canada's World Junior team next year."

It may... or may not take an injury in the final weekend to get Ranford into the Kamloops game Wednesday. Frankly, it just makes sense. His numbers alone proves he belongs. It would also help sell some tickets to have the local player on the squad to join Schaber and D Austin Madaisky.

We will wait and see.....


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