Monday, November 22, 2010

Suspensions Heavy, Blazers Dinged $3,000

The league has sent a message to the Blazers and Winterhawks following a melee Saturday night in Portland:

Fines and suspensions as follows:

Kamloops $2,500.00 for post 2nd period altercation at Portland

Kamloops $250.00 for multiple fight at Portland
Kamloops $250.00 for goaltender’s fight at Portland
JC Lipon Kamloops Four games for actions at Portland
Chase Schaber Kamloops Three games for game misconduct
Brendan Ranford Kamloops One game for actions at Portland

Portland's have also been announced:

Portland $2,500.00 for post 2nd period altercation versus Kamloops
Portland $250.00 for multiple fight versus Kamloops
Portland $250.00 for goaltender’s fight versus Kamloops
Joe Morrow Portland Three games for actions versus Kamloops
Seth Swenson Portland Four games for actions versus Kamloops


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me!? Once again the Blazers get shafted. The Dub is becoming a joke

Spencer said...

Huh? Not sure what the league office saw, but these suspensions seem way out of line. Ranford did absolutely nothing except to get jumped. Lipon and Swenson fought after the buzzer, but 4 games seems pretty steep. Schaber definitely pushed the linesman, but it was clearly in the heat of the situation (similar to the end of a fight when the linesman gets bumped when he's breaking it up). Not only that, but he immediately made it clear to the linesman it was an accident. 3 1/2 games seems excessive for the actions. The biggest hypocrisy is that the 3 guys most deserving of punishment - Ross, Neigum, Jordan - did not get any suspensions at all. Not to mention Thornton and Zalasky who should help pay some of these fines for their part in the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Boy, Portland sure did come out of this with the upper hand. They lose two bench warmers while Kamloops loses their two best players? Good lesson from the WHL league office: Just have one of your 4th line guys jump the other team's best player and they'll both get suspended.

Matt said...

I have no horse in this race but after watching the video multiple times, this seems like a pretty fair suspension hand out.
For whoever said that Morrow is a benchwarmer? Take a look at the Central Scouting Rankings. Because of that comment, anything else you say is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Are any of these suspensions eligible to be appealled?

Jon Keen said...

I don't think there is an appeal available

Anonymous said...

Matt: the point is, Morrow is a second pair defenceman at best, while Ranford is the league's leading goal scorer. You don't think Morrow knew that when he jumped Ranford in the middle of that crowd?

Stephanie said...

"They lose two bench warmers while Kamloops loses their two best players?" Joe Morrow is not a bench warmer he missed a few games due to injuries but besides that he plays a lot. He is ranked 5th in the Whl for the up coming Nhl entry draft and to be ranked that high you cant be a "bench warmer"! Also the comment "Just have one of your 4th line guys jump the other team's best player and they'll both get suspended." Is really stupid. It takes 2 to tango and your players were the ones that skated over to the Portland players. Spencer: There is no reason Jordan or Ross should be suspended. Also it dose not matter if it was an accident or not Schaber still did it and should be suspended.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie: Thanks for calling me "really stupid". I appreciate that. The point I was making is that Morrow skated all the way across the ice (he was at the bench, jawing at Maschmeyer when the scrum started) and jumped Ranford from behind. There was no tango except for Ranford defending himself from the guy who jumped him. As for the bench warmer comment, I already addressed that in my previous response. Morrow is a good player, but he is not nearly as important to his team as Ranford is and I am quite sure he knew that when he jumped him. I like your blind loyalty though on the suspensions. At least Spencer agreed that some of the Kamloops players should also be suspended - you seem to think only Blazers players deserved punishment here. I'm not going to say "stupid", but how about "biased"...

Anonymous said...

Morrow is more than a bench warmer to Portland. His steady defensive play is just as important to Portland as your top scoreres are to you.

The goalie got what he deserved, Mac even let him get in three punches before he leveled him.

Also you have to be nuts to skate into that many players running your mouth and not think something is going to happen.

The Kamloops player that was doing the two handed hatch job is the one that deserved the largest suspension.

It is funny, Portland has not had problems like this except playing Kamloops and the Blades and both teams have been very proud of using these tactics to try and take Portland out of their games. Instead of just playing step for step and seeing what the end result of the game is.

Stephanie said...

Anonymous: I did not call you stupid I called your comment stupid. Yes Joe is not as needed to Portland compared to Ranford but thats because Portland is more balanced then Kamloops. He went from his bench to where the Portland players exit for their locker room the Kam players are the ones that went where they were not suposed to be. Im not saying no portland players should be suspended. I just disagree on Ross and Jordan. Its not "blind loyalty" I was there and watched it all plus i've seen the replays.

Matt said...

Fair enough "anonymous". Although Ranford is clearly Kamloops' best player, calling Morrow a "benchwarmer" isn't even close to an accurate statement. In fact, many may consider him Portland's top d-man and a potential 1st round draft pick.
I am not claiming to know anything that went on the ice before and during the melee, however, I have a hard time believing Morrow jumped Ranford for no apparent reason. From the video evidence though, I think the suspensions were fair, except Niegum should have received something and maybe Jordan from Portland as well.

Anonymous said...

You're not stupid, it's just what you say is stupid... Hah, I should use that one on my wife sometime and see how she takes it. Anyway, we've moved on. Blazers managed to pull one out without Ranford and it's time to put the Portland melee to rest.