Saturday, November 06, 2010

Blazers 5 Hitmen 4

Forget the traditional “two honks” for a road win… tonight in Calgary it was six blasts from the Blazers Prevost bus as it pulled out of the Saddledome grounds and bound for Lethbridge.

Six honks, for six straight road wins. It’s the first time in 12 Blazer seasons that’s happened.

It didn’t come easy. The Blazers were forced to kill a 1:14 long 5-on-3 powerplay late in the third to preserve the 5-4 win.

“That’s why they call it the wild,wild west,” commented Blazer Assistant Coach Scott Ferguson post-game on our “After the Buzzer” segment on Radio NL

The Hitmen loss was another bitter one as their streak in the red grew from seven to eight straight games – seven of which on home ice.

It was another game where special teams reigned supreme. The Blazers and Hitmen combined for six powerplay goals. In the end, it was the Blazer penalty-kill that was the difference maker, only this time for the positive.

Early in the third, the Blazers went up 5-4 on a 5-on-3 PP goal from Jordan DePape. It was the Hitmen who tied the game on a 5-on-3 goal in the 2nd. It was a two-man advantage for two-man advantage right? Eye for an eye?


The Blazers had to reach back into the character bank and pull out 1:14 worth to seal the win.

It didn’t take long for newly acquired goaltender Cam Lanigan to see action. He replaced starter Jeff Bosch after the 1st period after Bosch tweaked a knee. Lanigan, who was acquired in a trade with Edmonton just yesterday morning, would get the win. He would make18 saves including a few big ones.

Bosch was hurt when he was hit backwards into his goal by Hitmen F Cody Beach. There was no penalty for the contact in the crease.

The Blazers got goals from DePape, Chase Schaber, Dalibor Bortnak, Brendan Ranford and Logan McVeigh’s first ever in the WHL.

The Blazers take on the Lethbridge Hurricanes Saturday night in Lethbridge. They are coming off a 4-3 shootout win in Cranbrook against the Kootenay Ice.

The Blazers improve to 9-8-0-1 on the season. They are 6-2 on the road, 3-6-0-1 on home ice through the first quarter of the season.


Anonymous said...

great job on the road boys! Keep it going in Lethbridge. 8 straight losses for Calgary???? Unreal

Anonymous said...

I should hope they could beat the worst team in the league. Just by 1 goal.

Anonymous said...

maybe the blazers brass should buy all us season ticket holders road game tickets so we can see how our team really plays

Anonymous said...

How long is Bosch out or will he play tonight?

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to the negative ones boys you will NEVER please them. Do your thing! Go Blazers!

tricky said...

Its about time we have a positive place to post comments. Thanks Jon as all those message boards are played out with the same crap all the time. Do you moderate the comments here?

Jon Keen said...

Not sure about Bosch.

Most or all comments are posted. Thanks for stopping by.

tricky said...

Thanks, I enjoy the blog but I think you should moderate it a bit more to keep certain idiots from posting. I'm sure if you have been here a couple months you know exactly who he or it is

Jon Keen said...

Already taken care of tricky. Thanks.

tricky said...

Grrrrrreaaaat!!! He is a first-class loser. Good to see you have realized that. I hope they can win tonight. We will be watching the webcast

Gregg Hansen said...

Being a season ticket holder gives you the right to say what you want?? OK then, put your name to it. You are just a bully if you can't stand behind your negative comments. These are just kids. They are away from home, friends and family living with strangers. They are doing their best and trying their hardest. Every player on every team is also trying their hardest to reach their dream. There is such parody in the league that any team can beat any other team on any given night. I can assure you that most of the players don't pay much attention to the negative stuff. They have been the best at their game since they were 4 or 5 years old and have had to deal with negative stuff for parents that have kids that didn't make the grade. I have seen parents cheer against their kids' teammates because they where much better. Maybe you negative types failed somewhere in life... but let these kids live their dreams. They are on these teams because of hard work and dedication. It takes none of that to write a negative comment. Go Blazers!

Jon Keen said...

Good stuff Gregg. Thanks for posting.